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ARP Cache Tool
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NEVER scan a computer you do not own or have the owner's permission to scan.

- Last Review: May 4, 2016

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ARP Scan Tool Description - Ping your LAN with ARP Packets and See What Responds.

The ARP Scan tool can send ARP packets to every IPv4 address on your subnet and show responding devices even if protected by a firewall. This tool is part of NetScanTools Pro and is also called MAC scan.

About the ARP Scan Tool

The ARP Scan Tool (also called ARP Sweep or MAC Scanner) is a very fast ARP packet scanner that shows every active IPv4 device on your subnet. Since ARP is non-routable, this type of scanner only works on the local LAN (local subnet or network segment).

The ARP Scan Tool shows all active devices even if they have firewalls. Devices cannot hide from ARP packets like they can hide from Ping. To find active IP addresses outside your subnet, use the Ping Scan Tool (a Ping Sweep tool AKA NetScanner).

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Important Notes:

  • ARP packets are not routable (the packets will not go beyond your router), so this tool is limited to target IPv4 addresses on the same network segment or subnet as your computer is currently on.

  • This scanner sends ARP packets to every IP address in the range you specify.

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Purpose of this tool

  • This tool discovers all active devices in a IPv4 range (usually a subnet) even if protected by software designed to hide the presence of the device - personal firewalls, operating system firewalls or other stealth programs. If you are using IPv4 ethernet or WIFI, the devices on your LAN must respond to ARP or they cannot communicate.

Tool Capabilities

Sends ARP Packets to every IPv4 address specified and looks for the mandatory ARP Reply.

You are limited to scanning IP addresses in your subnet - why? Because ARP is not routed. IPv4 connected devices cannot hide from ARP - the must respond if they are to be communicating using IPv4 ethernet.

Displays Responding ARP Replies.

Shows all devices responding with an ARP reply message during the scan. The manufacturer of each remote device's network interface is shown. The hostname for each IP address can be optionally shown.

A video of the ARP Scan Tool in action!

Results Summary Pie Chart

Results Analysis of the ARP Scan Device Responses

This chart shows a pie chart summary analysis of the responding vs. non-responding device IP addresses over the range scanned with ARP Packets.

What is ARP?

ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) is a protocol which associates an IPv4 address with a MAC (Media Access Control) address (xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx) over an ethernet network segment. ARP is normally not routed beyond a network segment. This tool uses WinPcap to generate ARP packets. See also the ARP Cache tool for ARP cache manipulation and the ARP Ping tool for testing a single device on your LAN.


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