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Net Routing Visualizer
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NEVER scan a computer you do not own or have the owner's permission to scan.

- Last Review: June 22, 2012

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Network Routing Visualizer Tool Description

Network Routing Visualizer is designed as a utility for building a tree format map of all the routers between your computer and a set of target computers. It uses Traceroute to build the map. Traceroute is very fast in this version of NetScanTools Pro; it builds the route quickly, then processes it for display in a treeview, and simultaneously puts the route node results in a database. It uses both the ICMP echo request packets and UDP port unreachable trace methods.

To use this tool, you create a list of targets, set parameters, then build the route map. Once it is complete, you can view the data on each node separately, or go into the database and view the data. The information in the database can be exported to a tab delimited text file.

VIDEO >> See the Network Routing Visualizer in action!

Screenshot of the Network Routing Visualizer


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