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Packet Flooder
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NEVER packet flood a  computer you do not own or have the owner's permission to do this to.

- Last Review: May 4, 2016

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Packet Flooder Tool Description - Flood a Target with UDP Packets.

About the Packet Flooder Tool

The Packet Flooder tool is a Network Traffic Generator. It sends UDP packets to a target IPv4 or IPv6 address. You have control over the target port and payload in the UDP packets. It is multithreaded so under the right circumstances it can send UDP packets at a rate fast enough to achieve 98% or so bandwidth usage* on a 100BaseT ethernet interface. The are also timing controls that allow you to vary the rate at which packets are sent.

*bandwidth saturation or usage may vary and is a function of your computer hardware and software. Our preliminary tests on Windows 8 indicate some internal changes may have been made to the underlying network driver precluding high saturation. More testing will done soon.

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Version 11 Packet Flooder Tool Slideshow

Important Notes:

  • This is a UDP Packet Flooder/Traffic Generator. It can send packets at a rate that nearly saturates an interface.

  • Use this tool only with targets that you have permission to contact.

Purpose of the Packet Flooder Tool

  • The purpose of this tool is to create enough packets to flood an interface so that the high usage of bandwidth can be observed on the sender and receiver.

Tool Capabilities

  • Sends UDP Packets to IPv4 or IPv6 address targets. Hostnames can be resolved to either IPv4 or IPv6 addresses (user selectable).
  • Target UDP port can be fixed or random.
  • Data Payloads length and content can be controlled. The payload length can be fixed or it can be random. The payload content can be either repeating alphabet characters 'abcdefg' or random characters.
  • Interpacket Delay helps limit the frequency that packets are sent.
  • The packet size is limited to the MTU of your network, typically 1460 bytes for Ethernet.
  • Any interface that Windows can send UDP packets through can be used. This tool does not use WinPcap so there are no limitations on device compatibility. The interface used is chosen by the operating system based on the IPv4 or IPv6 routing table contents.
  • Bandwidth Utilization is based upon information reported by the operating system and is shown at intervals on a gauge and a historical chart.

A video of the Packet Flooder in action

More Information

Our tests show that this tool is quite capable of consuming most of the outgoing bandwidth 90 to 95% of a 100BaseT interface on Windows 7/Vista/XP. Your results may vary.


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