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CDP Packet Generator
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NEVER send specially constructed packets a computer you do not own or have the owner's permission to scan.

- Last Review: May 4, 2016

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CDP Packet Generator Description

Craft and send CDP packets using the NetScanTools Pro Packet Generator.

About sending CDP packets using the Packet Generator

The Packet Generator tool's CDP mode (Cisco® Discovery Protocol) allows you to create and send one or more CDP packets to a group of systems in an IPv4 subnet. You have full control over the fields within the header. This protocol is used by Cisco and HP® (Hewlett-Packard) switches and routers to share information about the type of device and capabilities of the device.

Scripted packet transmission can be used to send multiple different CDP packets.

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Important Notes:

  • This tool uses WinPcap to send packets. The interface you use to send packets must be compatible with WinPcap. Best results are usually obtained from a wired ethernet interface or a 802.11 wireless interface.

  • This is not a Packet Flooder or Traffic Generator. It cannot send packets at a rate necessary to stress or otherwise saturate an interface.

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Purpose of the CDP Portion of the Packet Generator Tool

  • The purpose of this tool is to give you a way to craft a CDP packet or set of CDP packets to send to network, then observe the response by various CDP capable devices with a packet capturing tool like Packet Viewer or view the results of those packets attacks in the log files on the target.

CDP Packet Generator Capabilities

  • Sends CDP Packets to the network mac address 01-00-0c-cc-cc-cc.
  • Full header control for the CDP packet. You can specify most parameters in the header such as source MAC address, checksum, TTL, Device ID Field, Software Version Field, Platform Field, Port ID Field, IPv4 Address of the purported device. The Capabilities Bits are also full selectable.
  • Scripting. Simple scripting is provided so that you can send different types of CDP packets. Scripted packet transmission can be used to send packets with parameters changing according to your script.

What this tool does not do:

  • This is not a packet flooding tool. Burst rate is about 20Khz and this may vary from computer to computer.
  • This is not a bandwidth testing tool. You are looking for a piece of dedicated hardware: Agilent Technologies and Fluke both make these type of devices.
  • This is not a traffic generator capable of stressing a network interface.
  • This tool may not operate properly from within a virtual machine ethernet interface. This tool works best with physical ethernet interfaces. You are welcome to try it with your virtual machine, but do not count on it working perfectly - be sure to set it into 'bridged' mode.
  • This tool cannot send custom packets through WAN (PPP/SLIP) interfaces like modems or wireless cellular modems.

A video of the Packet Generator tool sending CDP Packets

Video is not available at this time.

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