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  About Realtime Black Lists
Many ISPs use these blacklists for intercepting email that comes from known insecure mail sources.

- Last Review: June 16, 2012

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Real Time Black List Check Tool Description

The Realtime Black List (sometimes called RBL) Check tool accepts an IP address or hostname and checks several Realtime Black List servers for the presence of the IPv4 address in their databases. If the IP address is found, we retrieve additional information about the IP address from the Realtime Black List server and show it. You can right click in the results area and view that information in your web browser so you can click on links and go to even more details on the Realtime Black List server's site. Realtime Black Lists are one method used by ISPs to validate the source of an email message. Realtime Black List servers are used to reduce the quantity of spam received by an ISP.

The list of servers is fully configurable by the user.

Screenshot - ...this uses an actual IP address from a spam we received


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