About NetScanTools LE

NetScanTools® LE is an Internet Information collection tool for Windows that helps you track down information about an IP Address, Hostname, Domain Name, Email Address or URL (web address).

This version of NetScanTools is designed especially for Law Enforcement. We asked our Law Enforcement NetScanTools Pro users what tools they really needed. We took their favorite tools, streamlined them into an easy-to-use interface and made the program 'case' oriented. And 'case' oriented means that all your queries are documented, time stamped and saved automatically. Reports are direct and to the point. There are no distractions in the reports - you get the results you need, not fancy logos.

This program is designed for and has been tested on Windows 10, 8.x, 7 - 32/64 bit. Requires GUI, not a command line tool.

In case you are wondering, this program will work on an Apple Mac® if you use VMware Fusion or Parallels to run Windows and NetScanTools in a virtual machine.

NetScanTools LE is designed for:
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Prosecutors
  • Electronic Crime Scene Investigators - First Responders
  • Corporate Investigators
  • Security Consultants

NetScanTools LE Screenshot

NetScanTools LE Screenshot

NetScanTools LE Features

  • Easy for non-technical personnel to learn and use.
  • Case oriented, all your work is automatically saved to a database. You won't lose something because you forgot to save it.
  • All queries are time stamped for documentation purposes.
  • Information sources are clearly shown in results.
  • Automated Tools engine operates several Manual Tools for you using a single input of an IP address, hostname, domain name, URL or email address. This is a "tell me everything about XYZ" tool.
  • Manual Tools: Bulk IP/Hostname Resolution, DNS Tools - Core, Email Validate, Finger, IP to Country, Ping, Ping Sweep, Port Scanner, Real Time Blacklist Check, Text Only Web Page Grabber, Traceroute, Whois. WARNING: depending on your jurisdiction and policies, you may need permission to use some of these tools against a target. Please carefully review each tool prior to use. Details about how each works are contained in the help file (press F1).
  • MD5 hash signatures are included for checking the integrity of exported test results files, packet capture files and validation of internal database tables.
  • Packet Capture can optionally be used to collect and save the network data in its native Ethernet packet format allowing you to document the process of acquiring the data shown in the results reports. Captured network data can be viewed directly in powerful packet analysis tools such as Wireshark and can help you show that the evidence matches the reports and is unchanged. Exported capture files also include a companion MD5 hash signature file.
  • Reports for Automated and Manual Tools can be retrieved from the Case database at any time.
  • Reports are HTML formatted and viewed in your web browser for easy printing, saving or emailing.
  • Please review Section 508 VPAT here.

NetScanTools LE Screenshots

Automated Tools

Automated Tools Screenshot

Available Reports

Automated Tools Reports Screenshot

Report in Browser

Report Screenshot

Ping Scan Tool

NetScanTools LE Port Scan Screenshot

Whois Tool

NetScanTools LE Whois Screenshot

Manual Reports List

NetScanTools LE Manual Reports Screenshot

Video of NetScanTools LE in action

News and Reviews of NetScanTools LE

NetScanTools LE 1.62 was Released Sept 17, 2018. Revision History is here.

These links open windows to other sites.

News: NetScanTools LE named a finalist in the 2010 Law Enforcement Technology Innovation Awards.

Review: Review of NetScanTools LE by Kevin Beaver author of Hacking for Dummies.

Do you need a presentation for your management? Download this PowerPoint presentation on NetScanTools LE.

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Comparison: How is NetScanTools LE different from NetScanTools Pro?

There are 13 Manual Tools in NetScanTools LE versus over 50 Manual Tools in NetScanTools Pro. NetScanTools LE's manual tools have been carefully selected and modified to make them understandable and as easy to use as possible for non-technically trained personnel. The manual tools in NetScanTools LE have fewer options or modes than the same tool in NetScanTools Pro. All queries in NetScanTools LE are automatically saved to a 'Case' database that is used to produce reports and document your work.

This chart compares the manual tools in NetScanTools LE with those NetScanTools Pro.

Download the NetScanTools LE Free 30 Day Trial

Operating System: Windows 10/8.x/7 - Requires GUI, not a command line tool.
Installer: Full install/uninstall
Trial Period: 30 days
File name: nstle163.zip

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Download NetScanTools LE

Download NetScanTools LE