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Graphical Ping
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NEVER scan a computer you do not own or have the owner's permission to scan.

- Last Review: June 13, 2012

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Graphical Ping Tool Description

The Graphical Ping tool visually shows you the round trip travel time of ICMP ping packets to a target over time. You can immediately see when packets are dropped or when the packet latency gets longer than normal.

ICMP ping packets are sent at a period you specify and the round trip travel time is saved in a database in addition to being plotted on a graph. The database is used to provide reports such as a list of dropped packets or all packets taking longer than a certain  time. You can export and import the database for later analysis. Currently supports IPv4.

  • Graphical Ping -  A plot of ping packet round trip time vs real time.
  • Graph is printable - in color.
  • Graph can be windowed or can show all packets for the session.
  • Database - all packet events from the session are recorded in a SQLite database for analysis.
  • Reports - show a list of dropped packets or packet events that took longer than a time you choose.

Screenshot of Graphical Ping


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