• Cost: $179 (a new license costs $249).
  • Who is eligible to upgrade? NetScanTools Pro licensed users--any previous version 2000 (1.0) through 2005 (10.x) or older v11.x.
  • Why should you upgrade? New tools and features. Continued improvements. Includes one year maintenance beginning at date of purchase.
  • Limitations: This is a one-for-one license upgrade, so if you need to install more NetScanTools Pro licenses than you have original older Pro Version licenses, you have to purchase additional new licenses. Proof of ownership in the form of valid NetScanTools Pro serial number is required. Other discounts do not apply to upgrade pricing.
  • Registration Requirement: Registration is required after program installation to activate the Maintenance Plan. You get 15 uses in unregistered mode. Registration FAQs are here.
  • NetScanTools Pro is designed for Windows 11/10 32 or 64 bit. Not intended for Server use. Requires GUI, not a command line tool.
  • SKU# PROESDUPG (Installed)
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  • Price is varies with license quantity. Sales tax or VAT may be added as required. Unless noted this is a Download of the Installed Version or a USB fileset.
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  • If you DO NOT receive a your key or download instructions during the business day following your order, first check your SPAM filter quarantine folder for email from netscantools.com, then please contact us.
  • NetScanTools Pro is designed for Windows 11/10 only, 32 or 64 bit. It is a 32 bit program. Requires GUI, not a command line tool.
  • Registration is required after program installation. You get 15 uses in unregistered mode. Registration FAQs are here.
  • Return and Exchange Policy: Our policy is here. We strongly suggest you try our products before purchase. You may download a NetScanTools Pro demo here prior to purchase if you are not sure of the product.
A new or upgrade NetScanTools Pro license includes a one year maintenance plan. To renew your NetScanTools Pro v11 Maintenance Plan, start NetScanTools Pro, click on menu item Help/Maintenance Plan Info (opens your web browser to a web page with renewal options including PayPal) or visit this page for more information about the plan and to renew. The Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool does not have a maintenance plan.