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Why you should upgrade
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Why you should upgrade
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Why you should upgrade to the latest version of NetScanTools Pro.

- Last Review: May 21, 2014

Who should be using this page?
This page is intended for persons who have an older version of NetScanTools Pro now and are considering upgrading to the latest version.

The Case for Upgrading to NetScanTools Pro 11

Upgrades have their basis in change. Change are brought about from continuous improvement to our software and changes in the underlying operating system or the internet data we access. For instance, versions of NetScanTools Pro earlier than 10.81 may not operate correctly on Windows 7. There are tools that worked fine on Windows 7 that needed changes to operate correctly on Windows 8.

The decision to upgrade any software depends on your needs. If your software fulfills your needs as is and you do not need any new features provided by the new versions, then it is difficult to make a case for upgrading. However, some features that work fine now may degrade in their performance due to changes in the underlying operating system or resources we access on the internet that are beyond our control. Those changes are usually addressed through fixes. Since we are a small company with limited resources, we cannot issue fixes for old versions forever to keep up with changes beyond our control. The newer versions often contain fixes for issues in old versions.

There are continuous improvements to our software. These are brought about several ways, from customer suggestions, changes to resources we access on the internet, new features being made available by the underlying operating system, and improvements to the software brought about by new methods or by addressing issues. Examples of continuous improvement:

  • Features added due to customer suggestions. There have been many. In fact probably over 50% of the app has been created due to customer suggestions. A big example of this is IPv6 support where applicable.
  • Features changed due to changes in things we access on the internet. Whois is probably the most changed feature. Because of the reallocation of registration services over the years and most recently the large amount of new Top Level Domains (TLD), we are constantly having to address the methodology used to make Whois queries. This mean we have to periodically update the whois server lists for each domain extension.
  • Features enabled by operating system improvements. Examples are the Port Scanner SYN scan or the IP Packet Viewer.
  • Features improved by better methods and addressing issues. A recent case would be the drastic speedup of NetScanner. Previously, it was quite slow by comparison to other scanners.
Keeping with the current version means we can address issues or questions you have faster. There have been many questions over the years where we know the issue was previously addressed but not in the version the customer has. While we try to come up with workarounds and occasionally fixes for older versions, we do not have resources to create fixes (service packs) for the older versions.

Finally, to help you decide if the newest version would be of benefit to you, we are highlighting the changes from each major release below. This shows what you have missed in the releases between the one you have now and the current release. For a detailed list of the changes in the current release please look at this page.

Major changes in each NetScanTools Pro version

This is not an exhaustive list of the changes, but a list of highlights for each major release.
  • NetScanTools Pro 11 (initial release Nov 2011) - revision history is here.
  • NetScanTools Pro 10 (initial release Feb 2005) - revision history is here.
  • NetScanTools Pro 2004 (version 9, Jan 2004)
    1. Major user interface change. The tabbed dialog box is gone.
  • NetScanTools Pro 2003 (version 8, Jan 2003)
    1. Port Probe SYN 'half-open' scanning and other TCP stealth scans. Windows XP/2000 only.
    2. IP Packet Viewer now has loading/saving packet capture sessions. Exporting packet to binary file, searching within displayed data, post-capture filtering of displayed data, and sorting by clicking headers.
    3. Network Info and Stats makeover. Also has feature for listing executable files using each TCP/UDP port (Windows XP/2000/NT4 only). IP Address/Subnet Mask entries added to each interface information entry.
    4. NetBIOS Info now has limits on depth of scanning for NetBIOS enabled systems. Filter by domain, numbers of machines, types of shares to report, depth of searching. New Advanced Features include ability to gather user list, account info, group account info, password policy, LSA policy, shares, system time info and open shared files from Windows XP/2000/NT4 systems.
    5. TimeSync makeover including new display of time.
    6. DNS Verify added to Name Server Lookup.
    7. SMTP Email Generator now has new mailing engine that includes CC, BCC, and multiple email attachments.
    8. New Whois changes and more domains suffixes added.
    9. Automatic Upgrade check.
  • NetScanTools Pro 2002 Release 2 (version 7, July 2002)
    1. Improved whois processing of IP address whois queries and new domain suffixes added.
    2. Help Wizard added to bottom button row. Answers to common questions and procedures.
    3. Traceroute changes including ICMP only, UDP only, fixed UDP port trace.
    4. List Domain on Name Server Lookup tab is now automated. It automatically determines the Auth server to use for the Zone Transfer.
    5. Major changes to SNMP real time bandwidth monitor including limits, alerts, and launch and restore save sessions. Better logging.
    6. New features on SNMP include [...] button showing list of actual loaded mibs. Adding MIB is simplified.
    7. System Uptime since boot now on TimeSync tab.
    8. Wake On LAN (WOL) added to Simple Services tab.
    9. Next and Previous buttons added to packet data viewer in IP Packet Viewer.
    10. Autocleanup of results intermediate files.
    11. IP/MAC Management tab has right click option for identifying NIC manufacturer.
    12. Port Probe has new progress bar.
  • NetScanTools Pro 2002 Release 1 (version 6, Jan 2002)
    1. IP Packet Viewer introduced. Captures packets on a Windows XP/2000 machine.
    2. RFC Reference tab introduced consolidating all RFCs on one tab.
    3. Port Probe connections are now timed and displayed.
    4. Under construction.
  • NetScanTools Pro 2001 Release 2 (version 5, July 2001)
    1. Under construction.
  • NetScanTools Pro 2001 Release 1 (version 4, Jan 2001)
    1. Under construction.
  • NetScanTools Pro 2000 Release 3 (version 3, July 2000)
    1. Under construction.
  • NetScanTools Pro 2000 Release 2 (version 2, Jan 2000)
    1. Under construction.
  • NetScanTools Pro 2000 Release 1 (version 1, July 1999)
    1. Initial release.


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