Press Release November 20, 2009

Northwest Performance Software, Inc. Receives Registered Trademark for 'NetScanTools'

NetScanTools®, internet and network information gathering software from Northwest Performance Software, Inc. is now a registered trademark.

Sequim, WA, United States, 11/20/2009 – Northwest Performance Software, Inc., a leading provider of internet and network information gathering software utilities, announces the approval from the United States Patent and Trademark office for “NETSCANTOOLS”. Registration of the Trademark was effective July 21, 2009 and was obtained with the assistance of Innovation Law Group, Ltd. of Sequim, WA.

NetScanTools® products are used by network administrators, security personnel, law enforcement investigators and instructors for Network Information Gathering, Reconnaissance and Discovery, Security Testing, and Network Protocol Training.

The NetScanTools® family of products was first introduced in 1995 and includes the software products NetScanTools, NetScanTools Standard, NetScanTools Pro, NetScanTools Basic, and NetScanTools LE. NetScanTools® software products are multifunction networking tools combining many common and specialized tools into one single program. This software is designed to collect information about computer devices or networks through the global Internet and local area networks, using both active and passive means.

NetScanTools® Pro includes common tools like Traceroute that are enhanced with special discovery modes like TCP Traceroute. Its many DNS tools are a favorite of DNS administrators because they allow wide flexibility in specifying the DNS to use along with the ability to directly query DNS for records they are interested in. There are specialized DNS tools use to obtain resource records like SPF and Domain Keys or retrieve groups of resource records in one action.

For additional information on the new trademark or to obtain a demo or trial copy of NetScanTools® Pro or NetScanTools® Basic software, please contact us or visit our website.

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Founded in 1995, NORTHWEST PERFORMANCE SOFTWARE, INC. is a leading provider of TCP/IP network utilities for use on the Microsoft Windows platforms.

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