Press Release January 19, 2010

Northwest Performance Software, Inc. Announces a New Software Product NetScanTools® LE

NetScanTools® LE is a new internet and network information gathering software product designed for Law Enforcement.

Sequim, WA, United States, 1/19/2010 – Northwest Performance Software, Inc., a leading provider of internet and network information gathering software utilities, today announced the availability of NetScanTools® LE, a new software product that brings the proven track record of the NetScanTools product line to the Law Enforcement community.

“We asked our law enforcement customers what tools they needed, took their favorite tools from NetScanTools Pro and placed them in an updated interface,” said Kirk Thomas, President, Northwest Performance Software, Inc. “We went in a new direction and created an integrated system for automatically saving all queries and results to a case database. Reports generated from the case database are direct and to the point. There are no distractions in the reports - you get the results you need, not fancy logos.”

About NetScanTools LE

Built on the familiar NetScanTools® platform, NetScanTools LE features manual and automated tools to help streamline the process of acquiring information about IP addresses, hostnames, domain names, email addresses or website URLs. The manual tools included are Bulk IP/Hostname Resolver, DNS Tools – Core, Email Validate, Finger, IP to Country, Ping, Ping Sweep, Port Scanner, Real Time Blacklist Check, Text Only Web Page Grabber, Traceroute and Whois. The manual tools can also be operated by the Automated Toolset which accepts input and operates the manual tools for you. Also included is a separate Packet Capture utility for validation and documentation of the network data acquisition process. Capture files are standard and can be analyzed locally or from advanced packet analysis software.

The NetScanTools® product family was first introduced in 1995 and currently includes the software products NetScanTools Pro, NetScanTools LE, and NetScanTools Basic. NetScanTools products are multifunction networking tools combining many common and specialized tools into one single program. This software is designed to collect information about computer devices or networks through the global Internet and local area networks, using both active and passive means.

NetScanTools products are used by network administrators, security personnel, law enforcement investigators and instructors for Network Information Gathering, Reconnaissance and Discovery, Security Testing, and Network Protocol Training.

Pricing and Availability

Product availability for NetScanTools LE is immediate. The software can be delivered by download or on CDROM. For additional information and pricing or to obtain a 30 day trial copy of NetScanTools LE, please contact us or visit our website at

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