Press Release January 25, 2006

For Release 9 a.m. PST
January 25, 2006
(note: this was re-released for wider distribution on Feb. 1)

Northwest Performance Software Announces the Release of NetScanTools Pro 10.3

For Immediate Release

SEQUIM, WA — January 25, 2006 — Northwest Performance Software, Inc. today announces the release of NetScanTools Pro 10.3, an all-in-one network discovery and information gathering toolkit used by network administrators, security specialists, network training instructors and law enforcement investigators. This release updates several databases and adds new features like support for SNMPv2c.

NetScanTools Pro is used to research IPv4 addresses, hostnames, domain names, email addresses, or URLs automatically or with manual tools. Easy to use Automatic tools are favored by the investigative and law enforcement communities for gathering information from multiple tool sources to produce a clear and concise HTML report. Manual tools are favored by network administrators and other advanced users who need to have greater control over the parameters for each specific tool. Manual tools include many additional tools beyond those used for the Automatic mode reports.

NetScanTools Pro can be used for security testing by using one or more of the scanning tools like Port Scanner, ARP Sweep, NetScanner (ping sweep) or one of the specialized tools like Packet Generator. NetScanTools Pro assists the network administrator in discovering information about their networks with tools that find IPv4 devices through a number of both active and passive means like Promiscuous Mode Scanner or Passive Discovery. An optional tool of interest to network administrators is the new Managed Switch Port Mapping tool that integrates with NetScanTools Pro or can operate as a standalone program.

Specialized advanced forms of Traceroute, Whois and IP to Country Mapping are designed to assist internet crime or computer forensics investigators in tracking IP addresses to responsible parties.

Training providers have found NetScanTools Pro to be especially useful in classroom demonstration of the methods of obtaining data remotely through a variety of protocols and the tools available to work with them.

Customer Testimonial
Many customers have already benefited from deploying NetScanTools 10. "Everyone that works in the world of computers knows that there are literally millions of so-called 'tools' out there.”, said Kurt Dicus, Vice President of Information Technology at BD&A, Inc. “When you manage over 80 websites, many of them for Fortune 500 companies, you can't afford to have any downtime. But unexpected downtime comes with the job. When it happens, your brain starts to race, things all of sudden become much more intense, and you try to think of the best way to solve your problem. This is exactly when NetScanTools Pro comes clearly into focus for me. NetScanTools Pro is a solution finder. I've never come across a better software solution for network engineers and our team uses it every day."

NetScanTools Pro 10.3 Availability
NetScanTools Pro 10.3 is available now in both full download or on CDROM and costs $249 for a single user license. For detailed product information, downloadable demo, pricing and purchase information, please visit

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