Press Release January 26, 2009

Northwest Performance Software, Inc. Releases Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool 1.96

Northwest Performance Software, Inc. has released version 1.96 of the Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool, software that maps your SNMP managed network switch physical port connections to the MAC and IP addresses of the attached network devices.

Sequim, WA, United States, 01/26/2009 – Northwest Performance Software, Inc., a leading provider of internet and network information gathering software utilities, today announced the availability of version 1.96 of the Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool. This new version is currently shipping with changes to the user interface, network device settings retention, XML spreadsheet schema export and import, and important new built-in assistance to new users of the software.

The Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool uses Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to communicate with managed Ethernet switches and other SNMP enabled devices to obtain the information necessary to create a detailed spreadsheet-like report of the switch mapping for the user. A summary report is also created and presented automatically in the user’s web browser. Version 1.96 works with all Microsoft Windows versions from 2000 through Vista. The software is very competitively priced at $199 for a single user version.

The Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool is designed with the network manager in mind. Wiring closets often have equipment from multiple vendors. We have worked to make the program manufacturer independent so you can use it in mixed manufacturer networks. It retains previously entered switch and auxiliary device settings as “device configurations” that allow you to quickly remap a switch without re-entering switch and device information. Snapshots of the current mapping of the switch can be printed or exported using the XML spreadsheet schema or as basic tab delimited text files, both of which are suitable for import into popular industry standard commercial and open source spreadsheet programs.

New features in this release allow the user to set SNMP communication parameters separately and uniquely for each device instead of the formerly global settings for all devices. Other settings have also been moved from a global scope to a device level scope. Significant improvements were made to XML spreadsheet exporting. The switch mapping results now correctly import into spreadsheet programs so the results appear the same as the way they appeared in the program results grid. XML results saved by the program now import back into the program for easy review of a snapshot of previous switch mapping results. Improvements were made to the user interface to help clarify the information that needs to be entered into the program. New users will find significantly improved assistance from the help file’s Getting Started section. When the program is run for the first time after installation, it automatically opens the help file to the Getting Started section which will help new users understand the information and settings necessary to successfully map a switch for the first time.

We have recently added a new feature to our website. Demonstration videos of our software are available for viewing. You can watch a video of the Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool in action before downloading the trial software. Please visit our website for more information.

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