What is ipPulse?

ipPulse™ - a network connectivity and device status monitoring tool for testing IPv4 connected devices. ipPulse periodically checks (polls) your list of devices to assess the whether the devices are reachable or respond to a connection attempt - it can retrieve a web page, check the web server status code and test for missing text in the retrieved web page. ipPulse alerts you to failures and it can send email alert messages to your phone.

Overview of ipPulse™

Uses ping, tcp port connections or web server page retrieval to confirm connectivity and web server operational status.

For more details, please visit our nwpsw.com site. Full list of changes in the latest release is here.

Requires: Windows 10, 8.x, 7 (32 or 64 bit) and a TCP/IP network connection. Requires GUI, not a command line tool.

ipPulse Screenshot

ipPulse Screenshot

ipPulse Web Server Page Retrieval Settings

ipPulse Settings Screenshot

Download ipPulse

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How to Uninstall

download ipPulse trial

download ipPulse trial

A video of the ipPulse™ in action!

ipPulse™ Pricing

Pricing: $69 for an unlock code - it is far less expensive than more famous competitors. And it does what you need.

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