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NetScanTools Pro v10 revision history is here.

11.93.3 April 4, 2024

-Important note about registration change. Server is going offline on or before April 15, 2024. Check and update for maintenance plan expire date on About page will also cease to function.
-Installer turns off automatic maintenance plan expire date update. See left control panel Application Info - Preferences.
-Added method for changing Analyst info for reports to Report selection window.
-DNS Tools Advanced: changed button and report order to SPF/DMARC/DKIM to reflect actual output order.
-DNS Tools Core: several places now inform you if input IP or hostname is missing.
-Report selector: double clicking in report list has been removed. Single click and press View Report button.
-Open or Create database window now grays out 'use last database' if there is no last database. Affects first time installations.
-Packet Flooder now has explanation message for 0x800007d5 PDH_NO_DATA message that appears when trying to send packets through certain interfaces. Usually appears with virtual interfaces.
-Social Media icons in left control panel updated.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.45.2
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.
-Changed dates to 2024.

11.93.2 November 27, 2023

-SMB Scanner has new right click option to clear non-responding IP data from the results grid.
-'Save As' now properly implemented in NetScanTools Pro main application.
-Compiled most 'launched' applications with VS 2022.
-SSL Certificate Scanner: Added support for TLS 1.3 connections which are supported only when hosted on Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 SCHANNEL. Operating systems not supporting TLS 1.3 are noted (example is Windows 10).
-SSL Certificate Scanner: Changed a setting which may result in improved automatic detection of proxy settings.
-SSL Certificate Scanner: Changed text color information for active TLS1.1 to show red meaning it is now deprecated per RFC 8996.
-SSL Certificate Scanner: Changed color background for active TLS1.2 to yellow. This means that certain cyphers may be less secure than others. TLS 1.2 has not been deprecated.
-RFC Reference Library now has 6 additions.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.44.0
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.

11.93.1 April 5, 2023

-Changed copyright notice dates to 2023.
-The following tools now allow display of MAC addresses with either ':' or '-' separators: Arp Cache, Arp Ping, Arp Scanner, DHCP Server Discovery, Duplicate IP Scanner, IP/MAC Address Database, Network Neighbors, Ping Scanner, Promiscuous Mode Scanner, IPv6 Routing Table.
-Network Interfaces and Statistics, Network Shares - SMB, and SNMP Advanced/ARP Table now show MAC addresses with colon separators.
-Ping Scanner now only resolves IP addresses of responding devices. This will speed up most scans if resolving was enabled.
-Traceroute - fixed a problem where depending on the router everything beyond the first hop would not be displayed if the first responder IP was the target.
-WakeOnLan - minor changes to the grayout of certain fields and the addition of a Defaults button.
-RFC Reference Library now has 10 additions.
-Links to all use https now.
-Whois server updates for Australia, Sweden, Mexico, Singapore and jobs.
-Rewrote sections of the built-in help file for better clarity. Press F1 to see the help file.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.41.2
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.

11.93 August 5, 2022

-SMB Scanner - added right click export of all shares found and an option for deleting all share results from the database.-All dates have been changed to 2022
-Improved error messages and minor internal changes to all apps.
-Improved failed IP forwarding error messages if there is a routing issue.
-Duplicate IP Scanner - fixed problem with updating display using buttons to show all responses and duplicate responses.
-Port Scanner now allows you to eliminate TCP Connection Rejected ports from reports.
-Network Connections has a new right click option to kill the selected task.
-Connection Monitor - database has been moved to memory to work better with busier networks.
-Packet Capture now includes a progress monitor for populating the display - helpful for loading larger captures. Load previous packet capture files can now open .pcap and .pcapng options.
-Passive Discovery - database has been moved to memory to work better with busier networks. Column headers have been renamed for clarity.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.39.2
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.

11.92.3 November 30, 2021

-SMB Scanner - added right click export of all shares found and an option for deleting all share results from the database.

11.92.2 November 19, 2021

-Check for New Version and Blog were previously using an embedded IE web page (Internet Explorer is being removed from Windows). They now launch your default web browser to view the appropriate page.
-ARP Cache Tool, Duplicate IP Scanner - now have indication of progress resolving hostnames.
-Firewall Rules, Network Connection Endpoints - now have indication of progress refreshing results.
-Email Validate - small change to the way MX for a domain is identified.
-Added Revision History link to Help menu.
-Promiscuous Mode Scanner now sends two ARP packets per type.
-General cleanup and removal of XP and older code. Minor text cleanup.
-Updated social media icons.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.

11.92.1 August 11, 2021

-More forceful warning messages about trying to import a UNICODE file format text file.
-Improved internal DNS resolver parsing to ignore extra 'additional record type OPT' data added by some Wifi routers.
-DNS Tools Core/Get Basic DNS Records: Better parsing of longer DNS TXT records. Minor changes to be sure A and AAAA records are reported correctly.
-DNS Tools Core/DiG +trace: Fixed output and made it work under both UDP and TCP DNS queries.
-DNS Tools Advanced/SPF-DKIM-DMARC: Better parsing of longer DNS TXT records now shows whole key.
-ARP Scanner, Duplicate IP Scanner, ARP Ping: Window text changed to better emphasize this tool only works on the current subnet.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.36.0
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.

11.92 May 21, 2021

-Added right click menu 'Export Results to XML' option to most grid based results. This allows opening the XML file directly by Microsoft® Excel.
-Connection Monitor - added Export Results to XML.
-DHCP Server Discovery - added 'No Response' message.
-DNS Tools / Advanced - extensive rewrite of the SPF/DKIM/DMARC Tool. Added complete dump of a domain's TXT records and new special selectors including several types of common DKIM records. Added DMARC and ACME selectors. Better explained how to use custom selectors found in email headers.
-Duplicate IP Scanner - improved validation and automatic selection of Network Interface based on starting and ending IPv4 address. Added new button to return to display of duplicate IPs. Fixed problem where if you tried to exit while the scanner was running, it would not warn you and prevent the exit.
-Packet Capture - added Export Results to XML.
-Passive Discovery - added Export Results to XML.
-Port Scanner - fixed a problem where you could not added a target to the target list under all circumstances.
-SSL Certificate Scanner - new warning about trying to scan ports other than the standard 443 for secure web servers. This tool can only retrieve certificates from web servers.
-SMB Scanner - improved response parsing for SMB1 responses reducing the chances of a false positive.
-Saving to disk no longer forces you to the Documents directory.
-Modified text to include Npcap in addition to WinPcap where applicable.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.35.5
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.
-Updated dates to 2021

11.91.2 September 2, 2020

-SSL Cert Scanner - Added tests and checkbox display for supported SSL/TLS client protocols. If a supported protocol is not active, it can be temporarily activated for testing. SSLv2 and SSLv3 are no longer supported by Windows 10 2004 release. Earlier versions of Windows may support all versions of SSL/TLS. Unsupported protocols or disabled protocols are labeled with 'Skipped' in the results columns.
-SSL Cert Scanner - Added ability to enter and save to the results database several entries of the same target with different ports. Useful if a target has an SSL web server running on more than one port.
-SSL Cert Scanner - Corrected problem where key length, public key and version were being saved incorrectly to the database.
-SSL Cert Scanner - Expanded 'Invalid Date' message to show the date and time even though they are out of range ie. greater than year 2045.
-SSL Cert Scanner - Improved TLS 1.0/1.1/1.2 error messaging.
-Packet Generator - The previous directory used when opening a script is now remembered between sessions.
-Packet Generator - The command WINPCAP_INTERFACE_IPFOUR=a.b.c.d now works correctly.
-Registration Window - More messages were added to remind users to use the Register Online at button if the built-in registration method does not work correctly.
-ARP Scanner - Initial sort order by IPv4 address is now correct.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.33.0
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.

11.91.1 June 15, 2020

SSL Cert Scanner -Added IPv4 address column. If a website hostname is entered, the actual IP address that was contacted will show up in the new column.
SSL Cert Scanner -Added new right click export options. One option exports the certificate data for the list of targets currently shown. The other option exports every certificate chain contained in the database. Each parent certificate including the root are shown. The export is tabbed delimited for easy import into spreadsheets.
SSL Cert Scanner -Added new right click options to clear the database. One option clears (deletes) the certificate data for the list of targets currently shown. The other option clears every certificate chain contained in the database.
SSL Cert Scanner -Certificate 'valid from' and 'valid to' dates/times are now shown in UTC instead of your local time.
SSL Cert Scanner -Fixed a memory leak.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.32.2
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.

11.91 May 6, 2020

-Packet Flooder - The cause of the 'Sendto failed message' explaining that the size of the packet exceeded the message buffer size has been corrected.
-Packet Flooder - The Socket Buffer Size window is now grayed indicating that you cannot change it directly. It is showing the current buffer size.
-Packet Flooder - The methods used to obtain interface bandwidth and other statistics has been made language independent. Previously they only worked with English language Windows operating systems - it now works with any language Windows.
-Packet Flooder - A new method of activating the flooder for only a specific time period has been added.
-Packet Flooder - The method of recording the End of the send in the history database now works correctly.
-Packet Flooder - The status line above the speed gauge now shows elapsed time, average packets per second and average bytes per second.

-Packet Capture Playback (see Packet Generator) now has a new Repeat Until Stop Pressed checkbox that will cause the current capture file to be played back until the new Stop button is pressed. If you use repeat, the stop button is polled at the end of each packet stream send, not during. Additionally, when you start the Packet Player, the last selected packet file will be loaded and displayed if it is available.

-Ping Scanner has fixes to prevent significant slowdowns with the 'Do Local ARP Scan' checkbox checked while scanning non-local IP addresses. Similarly, if your computer's IP address is within the scanning range and 'Do SMB/NBNS Scan' is checked, your IP address is skipped.
-Ping Scanner - improved message shown when subnet mask checkbox is active and user does not have sufficient privileges.

-PingTrend now has a new checkbox allowing control of the DF (don't fragment) bit in the IP header.
-PingTrend - improved accuracy of reported time between packets.

-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.

11.90.2 February 22, 2020

-Several tools use grid controls - ARP Scanner, SMB Scanner, SSL Certificate Scanner etc. The software is designed to sort the contents by clicking on the column header - the intent is that the user would click after the tool has completed an action. We found that for certain tools clicking on a header before it was complete could miss-sort the results output. This has been corrected - clicks on a header while the tool is in progress are ignored. Please click on the header to sort once the tool has completed an action.
-Port Scanner now correctly sorts when the Port column header is clicked.
-Updated dates to 2020.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.31.1
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.

11.90.1 September 19, 2019

-Changed the default location of the Results Database for new installations. The new location is the User Data area, typically C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\NWPS\NetScanToolsPro. The old location was C:\Users\%username%\Documents. Changes to Windows 10 security, specifically if you have activated Controlled Folder Access may prevent NetScanTools Pro from writing to the Documents directory since it is one of the default protected directories. Controlled Folder Access is part of Windows Security Ransomware Protection and from there you can exclude (whitelist) NetScanTools Pro so that you can read/write to Documents. If SQLite cannot write to the directory you select, the SQLITE_CANTOPEN(14) error message appears and you will need to check directory permissions and Controlled Folder Access or select a new location.
-Prevent automatically saving to the Results Database in the event that the database was not opened at startup.
-ARP Scanner now gives you control over the number of ARP packets to send per IP address. A new Defaults button was added.
-Duplicate IP Scanner now gives you control over the number of ARP packets to send per IP address. A new Defaults button was added.
-PingTrend now has axis labels for both the X and Y axes and a chart title. Both PingTrend and its companion Report Tool now show the Y axis name as Time in Milliseconds instead of seconds. PingTrend now includes an Export to CSV function on the list of dropped packets. The dropped packets list has been expanded from 2000 entries to 4096 entries. PingTrend graph scaling selection is now retained between sessions.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.

11.90.0 July 30, 2019

New Tool
-PingTrend: this is a new tool designed to rapidly ping a single target (default 10ms repetition rate - fully adjustable, slower or faster) and record the data in a database for later analysis with a separate PingTrend report tool. Latency, jitter, minimum, maximum, average and median are calculated over the whole dataset or a specific user defined subset of the data. Locate it on the Ping - Graphical tool along with the older tool.

Significantly Changes
-Packet Flooder: added new 'auto' mode for setting a desired outgoing bandwidth so that as it runs, the software attempts to maintain that bandwidth. There is an option to run it in 'manual' mode as in previous versions. The 'Default' buttons now have new default values. The graphical display is now updated every 500ms instead of 1000ms. Control grayout and tooltips have been updated. Packet send errors now properly stop the sending action.
-Start up now improves detection and status of WinPcap or Npcap. If the driver is not running improved messages are shown telling you how to start either driver. Added support for Npcap whether installed with WinPcap API Compatibility set or not. USB Version ONLY: removed support for old WinPcap Pro (OEM) since Windows no longer allows a driver to be started 'on-the-fly'. USB Version requires either WinPcap or Npcap to be installed on the host.

Other Changes
-About NetScanTools Pro window now shows "...Version: WinPcap or Npcap not running" when the driver is not running.
-Arp Ping: Response Time column header now states seconds.
-DHCP Discovery: The IP address will not show up in the list of IPv4 interfaces to test.
-DNS Tools - Advanced: VOIP SRV Records now includes 2 more SRV record queries and Misc SRV Records now includes 19 additional SRV record queries.
-DNS Tools - Basic: Corrected problem with edit hosts file.
-Network Shares - SMB: Correct problem obtaining NetBIOS Node Type. Jump to SMB Scanner now grays out.
-SNMP - Advanced: Fixed ARP Table Report so that MAC addresses are shown correctly and not accidentally translated into non-ASCII characters.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.29.0
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.

11.86.3 April 24, 2019

-Changes to better report communication errors during product registration.
-Other internal changes to report available updates.
-Welcome banner now shows exact version, network interface information, registration status and maintenance plan expiration date.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.28.0
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.

11.86.2 February 15, 2019

-New 'Jitter' column and graph line added to the Graphical Traceroute tool.
-DNS Tool - Batch Queries has new method for creating a list of targets, specifically IPv4 range generator.
-Changes to DHCP Server Discovery should eliminate the error message about DHCP client port 68 being in use.
-SSL Certificate Scanner has expanded error notes for TLS1, TLS1.1 and TLS1.2. TLS1.3 will not be supported until Microsoft SCHANNEL supports it.
-Fixed minor problems with results chart used in Ping, Traceroute, ARP Ping and Ping Scanner. Now limited to 8192 data points.
-Fixed a packet formatting problem with DNS queries where some DNS servers did not respond to UDP queries but would respond to TCP queries.
-Minor internal changes to Graphical Ping.
-Forced UDP DNS lookup in Whois.
-Internal improvements to Ping and Traceroute in algorithm displaying the message showing detection of blocking firewall.
-Added tooltips that were missing to SMB Scanner launch button.
-Export from Target List Editor in Network Routing Visualizer and Port Scanner now automatically appends .txt if no file extension is added.
-Changed left panel title from 'Program Info' to 'Application Info'.
-Text notation of 'Program' have been changed to 'Application' or 'Software'.
-'WinPcap Interface' notation has been changed to 'Network Interface'.
-Changed dates to 2019.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.27.1
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.

11.86.1 November 15, 2018

-Fixed SMB Scanner shares retrieval so it can accomodate shared resource remarks containing single and double quote marks.
-Added jitter calculation to Ping - Enhanced results.
-Updated left control panel icon tooltip and status bar text.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.25.3
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.

11.86 October 12, 2018

-Changes to prevent crashing due to invalid text input.
-SMB Scanner: significant changes to allow testing a list of login credentials against each target that responds with SMB, then on successful login it retrieves a list of shares and optionally displays them. These changes replace the share reporting functionality of the Network Shares - SMB tool.
-SMB Scanner now properly exports CSV files with commas instead of semicolons.
-Added new command line options '-syncclock' and '-syncclockexit'. If nstpro.exe is started with elevated privileges, it will synchronize the computer clock with the specified internet time server (NTP server). '-syncclock' will continue and display the main window normally while '-syncclockexit' will synchronize then exit.
-Arp Scanner, Ping Scanner, Port Scanner results pie charts now have auto-scaled text for high resolution displays.
-Changes to results font initialization so that on high resolution displays (like Microsoft Surface Pro or Dell XPS laptop) the font is correctly initialized and results text is readable.
-Changes to embedded web page selections like Check for New Version so that the page is correctly vertically located with respect to the controls on high resolution displays.
-IP/MAC Address Database: FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF MAC addresses are not recorded.
-IP to Country: Paste IP now enables and disables normally.
-Notation added to the Network Shares - SMB tool indicating it is deprecated and suggesting the use of SMB Scanner instead.
-Fix for problem with installation on some operating systems. Occasionally a new install would say that the 15 uses were up immediately after installation.
-Registration page has improvements in error reporting in case it was unable to contact our registration server. Failover from http to https no longer causes an error.
-IPv6 Interfaces window now properly exports CSV files with commas instead of semicolons.
-TimeSync: default timeout changed to 5 seconds.
-Automatic Startup Update Check now properly checks for updates from our https server. Additional error reporting added in case of problems connecting.
-SSL Certificate Scanner now properly exports CSV files with commas instead of semicolons.
-Connection Monitor now displays data in the order of incoming timestamp ascending.
-DNS Traffic Monitor results pie chart now has auto-scaled text for high resolution displays.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.25.2
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.

11.85 April 18, 2018

-All tools that 'import lists from a text file' now have a check for non-ANSI text files. We can only accept ANSI (plain ASCII) text files. UNICODE format is not allowed.
-ARP Scanner now has improvements for gathering ARP reply packets.
-Corrected problem defining TCP header components Sequence and Acknowledgement in Packet Generator, Ping Enhanced, Port Scanner and Traceroute.
-Traceroute Settings Ack Number edit box now grays out as required.
-SMB Scanner: Activity indicator pointer graph was changed to a circular progress indicator.
-SMB Scanner: changed target list to a database table and now includes a new DNS hostname column. Speed improvements.
-SMB Scanner: Right click Export to Tabbed or CSV now includes the column header in the export file.
-SSL Certificate Scanner: Activity indicator pointer graph was changed to a circular progress indicator.
-SSL Certificate Scanner: Fixed problem where a maximized window did not return to original size.
-SSL Certificate Scanner: Now allows specifying a target SSL port other than 443.
-SSL Certificate Scanner: Skip on timeout checkbox now correctly grays out during scanning.
-SSL Certificate Scanner: Right click Export to Tabbed or CSV now includes the column header in the export file.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.23.1
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.

11.84 January 25, 2018

-New SMB Scanner Tool: a launched App that accepts a set of IPv4 addresses or hostnames and rapidly scans them for SMB (server message block) support and then identifies which versions of SMB are supported beginning with insecure version 1.
-Network Neighbors: Added Discover Neighbors and Refresh button which sends an IPv6 multicast Ping through the selected interface to rapidly find all link local IPv6 devices. The results get updated with the responders and show Entry Type 'Reachable'.
-DNS Tools - Advanced: fixed gray out of IPv6 Address Validation button.
-Firewall Rules: Parsing of UDP protocol corrected.
-File menu/Accessibility: corrected operation of left control panel operation when a tool is selected. Added missing tools and added SMB Scanner.
-RFC Reference: several RFCs added.
-Whois: Remove Legal Notices and Advertising checkbox state is now retained. Results text 'jumping' issue has now been fixed - if you did a Whois, then scrolled to the bottom and tried to select text, it would jump back to the top without selecting the text - but only the first time you tried to do it.
-Changed methods of determining which operating system is hosting the software.
-USB Version only: improvements for software launch process.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.22.0
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.
-Updated dates in all programs to 2018.

11.83 September 15, 2017

-Usability improvement: Tools that depend on selecting the right WinPcap compatible interface now automatically select the interface based on the target entered. This includes ARP Ping, ARP Scanner, DHCP Server Discovery, Duplicate IP Detection, OS Fingerprinting, Ping - Enhanced, Port Scanner, Promiscuous Mode Scanner, and Traceroute. 'Launched' monitoring tools still require you to select the interface to monitor.
-Reports now have expanded information regarding the settings used for these tools (most are in the 'Notes' section of the report): Packet Flooder, Ping - Enhanced, Ping Scanner, Port Scanner, and Traceroute.
-DHCP Server Discovery now times out quicker if the local port 68 is in use and any network adapters with the IP starting with 169.254.x.x are not shown in the list because they are inactive.
-Maintenance Plan Expiration and other startup messages that appear before the main window is active are now force to appear as the topmost window. This stops the problem of starting NetScanTools Pro and not seeing anything because a startup message window was behind another window.
-Ping Scanner now includes a right click menu option to use your web browser to connect with the selected IP address.
-Fixed minor memory leak in Network Interfaces and Statistics.
-Removed startup message about 169.254.x.x interfaces which shows up more frequently if Npcap is installed instead of WinPcap.
-Began the first steps of a UI improvement by expanding the area used by the tools in the right hand panel. Our research shows that most displays are now wide enough for us to de-clutter the right hand side by making it wider and moving controls.
-Ping: changed the default header acknowledgment field value to 0.
-Traceroute: added header acknowledgment field as a user defined field in Settings.
-SSL Certificate Scanner: Added parsing of Subject Alternative Name (SAN) fields. Shown in the certificate chain. Previous retrievals of SSL certificates are noted in the grid when you edit or start the software. Right click to access the certificate chain. Added more parsing of signature algorithms so OIDs will be less likely to show up.
-Graphical Traceroute: Added Reset Statistics button.
-SNMP and SNMP Advanced: default bulk reps is now 8. Suggest lowering to 8 if you are using SNMPv2c or SNMPv3.
-USB Version Only: startup on a host running Npcap now works correctly.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.20.1
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.
-Updated dates in all subprograms to 2017.

11.82 March 14, 2017

-ARP Scan: Fixed problem where popup messages relating to updating the IP/MAC Address Database due to an IP address change would stop the scanning process. Hostnames are now correctly added if the IP/MAC address does not exist or is changed in the IP/MAC Address Database.
-DHCP Server Discovery: Revised method used for receiving and displaying DHCP Servers. Prior method did not always display every responding DHCP server.
-DNS Tools Core: Get Basic DNS Records now shows the A (IPv4) and AAAA (IPv6) records for any NS and MX responses.
-Network Connection Endpoints and others depending on operating system identification: corrected problems when used on Windows 8.1.
-SNMP Core and Advanced: Both tools now accept IPv6 addresses (do not include scope ID) for the target address. SNMP Scanner and SNMP Dictionary attack continue to only accept IPv4 addresses.
-Whois: DNS entered by user is now used for all DNS queries. Incoming data no longer causes autoscrolling to the end of the data.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.17.0
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.
-Updated dates to 2017

11.81 December 16, 2016

-Removed the requirement for using Visual C++ 2013 runtime.
-ARP Scanner: new comments column. Comments are saved by MAC address - allows you to add a friendly name of the target or something more descriptive than the IP address.
-ARP Scanner, Promiscuous Mode Scanner, ARP Ping, Duplicate IP Scanner now have improved checks to confirm target is on same subnet as the outgoing interface.
-DNS Core and DNS Advanced now have buttons to give you quick access to the other DNS tool.
-DNS Traffic Monitor: fixed startup interface selection problem for when more than one interface is present.
-Packet Viewer: change for systems using npCap (from nmap) instead of WinPcap to allow longer time for capture file to close before using it to update display.
-Passive Discovery: improved capture filter sanity checks.
-SNMP Dictionary Attack (accessed from SNMP Advanced Tool): added tests to verify selected WinPcap interface can receive packets from the target. Heading columns now shown on opening of previously saved XML results.
-SNMP Scanner (accessed from SNMP Advanced Tool): added tests to verify selected WinPcap interface can receive packets from the target.  Heading columns now shown on opening of previously saved XML results. Added three (3) new optional user defined OIDs to retrieve - press Settings to add them. SNMP error messages can now be optionally ignored. Improved retrieval of SNMP data after initial scan is complete.
-GetBestRoute IP Helper API function stopped working correctly with release of Windows 10 Anniversary Edition - a functional replacement has been added. This affects a number of WinPcap related tools.
-Increased WinPcap error buffer string size.
-Manifests have been added to assure version helper functions return correct information.
-Installer no longer automatically overwrites SNMP Dictionary Attack dictionary file.
-Compiled on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.15.2
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.
-Code signing now uses both SHA256 and SHA1 for maximum operating system portability.

11.80 August 4, 2016

-Compiled on Windows 10.
-New Tool: IPv6 Routing Table.
-Significant change to the way WinPcap compatible interfaces are listed and chosen. Layout of some tools had to change to support longer selection box.Opening and using a WinPcap network interface no longer depends on matching the IPv4 address.
-We now test to verify that the official WinPcap service or the alternative npcap or Win10Pcap services are running.
-Realtime Black List Check tool completely rewritten with new user interface and it is now multithreaded for increased speed.
-SNMP Core and Advanced tools now have simplified SNMPv3 options. SNMP DLL now has libeay32.dll added and SNMP Library Manager was removed. ECCN 5D992.c
-SNMP Scanner, SNMP Dictionary Attack and Protected Storage Viewer have updated grid controls and are now prevented from sorting by clicking on the column header while the tool is working. Exporting with Microsoft Excel schema has been updated - simply 'open' the XML file from Excel (do not import it). SNMP v1+v2c setting is now properly saved.
-ARP based tools now confirm that the target IPv4 addresses are within the same subnet as the chosen WinPcap interface.
-ARP Scan now automatically sorts by the IP address column when complete.
-Whois changed so that if whois server does not respond, it times out and automatically stops.
-Assigned IPv6 Teredo server is shown in IPv6 Compatible Interfaces.
-Corrected privilege problems with writing to certain parts of the registry during registration process.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.13.0
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.
-Code signing now uses both SHA256 and SHA1 for maximum operating system portability.

11.75 May 6, 2016

-Changed several tools to force DNS queries to use UDP instead of TCP.
-Random number generator changed to a faster algorithm.
-Packet Flooder: added tooltips.
-Packet Flooder: created defaults buttons for fragmented and non-fragmented settings.
-Packet Flooder: speed gauge now automatically selects and displays the interface sending packets.
-Packet Flooder: added method for limiting the maximum length of the data portion in random mode.
-Packet Flooder: added method for altering the socket output buffer size.
-Packet Flooder: speed improvements to the packet send thread.
-Packet Flooder: added packets per second calculation to status line that appears when stopped.
-Database Maintenance: added buttons for erasing results data older than specific times. Use to reduce the size of the database.
-Real Time Blacklist Check: Fixed most recently used DNS list and added new servers.
-Changed installer from Wise to Inno Setup (installed version only).
-Updated SQLite to version 3.12.2
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.
-Code signing now uses both SHA256 and SHA1 for maximum operating system portability.

11.74 April 4, 2016

-SSL Certificate Scanner: updated to match standalone version changes.
-Mac Address to Manufacturer: mac addresses with periods now accepted. For example or 1122.3344.5566
-Added method for hiding initial WinPcap not active warning. In the registry, add HideNotRunningWarning as a DWORD with a value of 1 in this path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NWPS\NetScanTools Pro 11\WinPcap
-Updated SQLite to version 3.12.0
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated IP to Country database.
-Code signing now uses both SHA256 and SHA1 for maximum operating system portability.

11.73 November 14, 2015

-Switch Port Mapper Launcher now works correctly.
-SSL Certificate Scanner: It now properly handles 'out-of-date range' certificates. ie. certificates that have a starting date earlier than Jan 1, 1970 and expire later than Dec 31, 3000. Previous versions encountering dates outside this range would crash.
-SSL Certificate Scanner: Fixed a problem with 'untrusted root' displayed - if it encountered this in a certificate, all others below would show the same message even though it was not true.
-SSL Certificate Scanner: Added a timeout trap - if the target does not respond you are given the opportunity to skip it, if you fail to answer it automatically skips in 5 seconds.
-SSL Certificate Scanner: Certificates that are within 60 days of expiring now have the expiration date cell highlighted in yellow.
-Updated SQLite to 3.9.2
-Updated database files.

11.72 October 7, 2015

-About NetScanTools Pro: automatic check for change in Maintenance Plan Expiration date now has more informative messages if a connection cannot be made to our server.
-Internal DNS Resolver: improved checking for malformed DNS replies - this will reduce the chance of crashing with bad DNS reply packets. This affects several tools.
-Network Interfaces - Wireless: additional SQLite database save fix for SSIDs with apostrophes or quotes in them.
-Port Scanner and Network Routing Visualizer target list editors now allow multiselection of targets for rapid deleting of several targets at a time.
-Packet Flooder: two new data payload modes have been added - text string and file payload. There is a new reminder showing the length of the header portions of the packet. Packet send stats have been changed to reflect total bytes and they are also recorded in the Results Database for later review.
-Ping - Enhanced and Traceroute: new methods of preventing the time column from changing on a second or third return packet from the target or hop. This problem occurred once in a while when using the WinPcap ping modes.
-Port Scanner: speed improvements, particularly in Target List mode where a list of targets are scanned with the same set of ports. Improved messaging in Target List mode.
-Port Scanner: Added a number of new TCP ports to the list of common ports. Add them by clicking on Edit Common Ports List, then press Add Default Common Ports, then Close the editor.
-Text Only Web Page Capture: Added new test for the hostname of the URL - if the hostname resolves to more than one IPv4 address, you are prompted with each IP address and asked which one to use.
-Whois: the tool is more responsive to pressing Stop during the various phases of a whois query.

11.71 August 5, 2015

-ARP Scanner: IPv4 address column is now properly sorted in ascending IP address order after scanning.
-DNS Tools - Core: NSLOOKUP now properly converts the IPv4 address to ARPA notation if the user was asked to change to PTR because a different type was selected.
-Network Interfaces - Wireless: SQLite database save fix for SSIDs with apostrophes or quotes in them.
-Network Neighbors: MAC addresses of all zeros no longer show as XEROX CORP.
-Network Shares - SMB: Significant changes to operating system identification methods for lower System Information window. Identifies new Server 2016, 2012R2, 2012 and Windows 10, 8.1 etc. Fix for potential crash situation where a system name is present but the system is offline and cannot be queried.
-Ping: IPv6 address to hostname resolving fixed.
-Port Scanner: Only active ports are now shown to reduce results list clutter. 'Port Active - Connection Refused' was changed to 'Connection Refused' and this message only shows if you check the 'Show All Scanned Port Results' box. TCP SYN/Custom ports scanned that do not respond are now shown with a timeout message instead of nothing. 'Wait after connect' label changed to Read Timeout.
-SSL Certificate Scanner: final connection now made with the highest SSL/TLS protocol supported. Per latest PCI requirements, TLS 1.0 is now labeled in red as undesirable.
-Updated SQLite to
-Updated database files.

11.70 June 12, 2015

-All parts of NetScanTools Pro have now been recompiled with the Visual C++ 2012 compiler on Windows 8.1. Appearance and look and feel of all subprograms has been updated.
-General Cleanup: Removed old pre-Windows XP code that would not compile on the newer compiler. Expanded error messaging when Results Database cannot be opened.
-We now specifically test to verify the WinPcap packet driver is actually running. Any tools depending on WinPcap will have a popup warning if the service is not running and WinPcap is installed.
-All tool results using grid control (traceroute, arp scannner, etc): fixed printing output so that what is printed matches the current width of the control columns. Previously, it found the maximum string length in each column and printed based on that width no matter the column widths.
-New Tool: DNS Traffic Monitor added to Manual Tools, Passive Discovery Tools and DNS Tools left control panel panes. The DNS Traffic Monitor Tool shows you the default DNS's assigned to your system and the percentage of queries directed to each. Lost or retried DNS queries are shown and any queries to non-default DNS's are shown.
-SSL Certificate Scanner: the 'Validity' column now displays any errors. Since TLS1 is now considered by some to be a security risk, the 'yes' is now shown with a yellow background for caution.
-Added method for editing the Dictionary in the SNMP Dictionary Attack Tool and changed the dictionary file location to allow editing.
-ARP Scan: removed floating progress window that caused program hang if Cancel was pressed. Speeded up scan process and changed default interpacket send delay to 10 milliseconds.
-Database Maintenance: Added text showing the current path of the shared data, user data and temporary file data. Also added a button next to each to open and view each folder in your file management program.
-DNS Tools/Advanced: Added method for following SPF record redirection in SPF Domain Keys tool. Examples of sites using redirects are and
-Duplicate IP Scanner:  removed floating progress window that caused program hang if Cancel was pressed. Speeded up scan process and changed default interpacket send delay to 10 milliseconds. Also added clarification of when to use the Reset Scanner Tables button.
-Maintenance Plan Reminder Window: Reminder text changes and we added a button to manually query our server for your maintenance plan expiration date. The automatic update of the date from our server has been reduced from once every 30 days to once every 14 days.
-Network Shares: now identifies Windows 10 computers.
-Port Scanner: Changed default interpacket send delay to 15 milliseconds and changed default maximum threads to 512. Going to a smaller delay value may not give desired results.
-Promiscuous Mode Scanner: removed floating progress window that caused program hang if Cancel was pressed. Speeded up scan process and changed default interpacket send delay to 10 milliseconds.
-SNMP Core and Advanced: Added method in Settings for selecting string translations: 'guess, ascii or hex'. Added button to open the MIBs storage directory so you can quickly copy in your MIB in the format .mib, .txt or .my. NetScanTools Pro must be restarted before accessing the new MIBs through the SNMP tools.
-Updated SQLite to
-Updated database files.

11.63 December 9, 2014

-Packet Generator Tool has numerous changes:
1. Tool window layout changes.
2. Packet Capture Playback now has checkbox to control whether the warning on length of time to send is seen.
3. Packet Capture Playback now saves and shows the path to previous capture files. It now has a status window and a button to launch your Packet Analysis Tool.
4. Fix: Packet Capture Playback Use Original Timing Checkbox now works properly. Select Capture File no longer automatically starts at the user's documents directory.
5. Scripting: Added a dropdown box saving and showing the path to previously used script files.
6. The length of TCP, UDP, ICMP and RAW packets are now checked against the actual MTU of the interface and you are warned if it is too large. It also shows a similar message if the packet is not sent. Packets larger than the MTU are not sent by WinPcap.
7. TCP, UDP, ICMP, RAW windows now have a status window showing the length of the file being sent or the length of text being entered as a data payload for the packet.
-SNMP Core and Advanced now each have a button to quickly go to the other SNMP tool.
-SNMP Core OID Selection now has a way to stop the loading of the MIB tree (helpful if you have a large set of installed MIBs and you accidentally start it) and a Find button to search for a text string in the MIB tree.
-SNMP Manager now has better feedback if the security DLL is not found or is a 64 bit version instead of a 32 bit version.
-SSL Certificate Scanner: added columns to show possible connection types including the now compromised SSLv3. It shows each connection type SSLv2 through TLS1.2 and whether or not it is supported by the server you are testing.
-Updated SQLite to
-Updated database files.

11.62 August 15, 2014

-Added menu and left toolbar font scaling in Preferences. This allows the fonts to be scaled larger on High-DPI devices like laptops with 3200x1800 displays.
-Added IPv6 Address Syntax Validation Tool to both the IPv6 menu and DNS Tools Advanced.
-Added links to the IPv6 menu directing users to the tools that can interact using IPv6.
-Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool Launcher now has an additional button for launching the USB version of the software in addition to the installed version.
-Wireshark Launcher now has an additional button for launching the portable version of Wireshark in addition to the installed version.
-Packet Generator: source and destination MAC addresses can be changed in scripting. UDP manual send now has option to send current timestamp as payload in each packet.
-ARP Scanner, Duplicate IP Tool: now makes sure returning ARP packet is in range of what was sent. Local interface IP/MAC pairs must also be in that range.
Other Changes:
-Network Shares tool now recognizes Windows 8.1 devices.
-Packet Generator, Ping, Traceroute, Port Scanner and OS Fingerprinting: Multicast IPv4 addresses can now be used as destinations using WinPcap send modes.
-Updated SQLite to 3.8.6
-Updated database files.

11.61 May 7, 2014

-Whois: corrected problem obtaining whois server from database for certain domains.
Other Changes:
-Added whois servers for 50 new top level domains such as '.wtf' and '.fail'.
-DNS entry boxes now accept up to 48 entries up from the previous 16. Affects entry boxes labeled 'DNS Server'.
-Updated database files.

11.60 April 10, 2014

New Features:
-New tool: Traceroute - Graphical. This tool can continuously traceroute to a target using ICMPv4 or ICMPv6 and show the hop response times graphically. It shows minimum, maximum, average and last trace times on the graph and in a list. The list also shows lost packet statistics.
-SSL Certificate Scanner: added certificate chain information acquisition. All certificates up to the root are acquired for each target. Chain can be viewed and exported.
Other Changes:
-Added whois servers for over 180 recently approved new Top Level Domains.
-All separately launched applications have been rebuilt in a much newer compiler on Windows 8.1.
-Added test to alert the user of a security program known to block access to the clipboard preventing copying and pasting in NetScanTools Pro.
-Wording changes for the controls in Packet Capture.
-Updated SQLite to
-Updated database files.

11.53 November 1, 2013

NOTE: The following WinPcap related changes affect ARP Ping, ARP Scan, Duplicate IP Address Scanner, OS Fingerprinting, Packet Capture Playback, Packet Generator, Ping, Port Scanner, Promiscuous Mode Scanner, Traceroute, Connection Monitor, Packet Capture, Passive Discovery, SNMP Dictionary Attack and SNMP Scanner.
-Changed the way WinPcap supported interfaces are opened so that adapters that do not support promiscuous mode will be opened. This primarily affects WiFi adapters.
-Fixed a problem where if the computer has more than one WinPcap capable interface, packets exiting the secondary interface were not being assigned the correct MAC address of the default gateway for the secondary interface network.
-Significantly expanded error message reporting that appears if opening a WinPcap interface fails.
-Removed support for versions of WinPcap older than 3.1.
Other Changes:
-DHCP Server Discovery: added DHCP Server MAC Address column.
-DNS Tools - Core/Edit Hosts File, TimeSync: fixed administrator privileges detection so the 'privileges required' message will only appear if you do not have enough privileges. Also affects some portions of Network Connection Endpoints.
-Packet Generator/Packet Capture Playback: added support for opening and playing .pcap files in addition to .cap files.
-Ping Enhanced: fixed problem where TCP Ping was not sending a number of packets beyond the number shown in the Settings/TTL field. Default TTL (Max Hops) now set to 255.
-Updated SQLite to 3.8.1
-Updated database files.

11.52 September 24, 2013

-DNS Tools Core: A warning is now shown explaining that editing the HOSTS file requires administrator privileges, ie. right click 'Run as administrator'.
-Network Interfaces Wireless: wording changes to the data presented make it clearer what wireless parameters have been found. Added support for recognizing the new PHY type 'very high throughput' (VHT).
-Packet Generator: improved performance on Windows 8.x. When sending continuously or in long sets of packets, it no longer appears 'no responding' to the operating system and the program should not appear hung (even though it was not hung).
-DNS resolver changes make starting a Ping, Traceroute and some other tools faster.
-Ping and Traceroute: it now detects if a firewall is preventing the software from seeing the outgoing packets which results in being unable to calculate the round-trip-time cannot be established. When the problem is detected a message is shown telling you of the problem and suggesting firewall changes.
-Ping and Traceroute: improved analysis section, round-trip-time (RTT) is now shown with sub-decimal timing calculations, ie. 123.456 ms instead of 123 ms.
-SMTP Server Tests: the SMTP server name or IP address is now correctly added to the list of recently used servers when doing a Relay Test.
-Timesync: a warning is now shown explaining that TimeSync requires administrator privileges, ie. right click 'Run as administrator'.
-Whois: updated server database with support for and domain queries.
-Slightly modified wording in Help menu regarding the Maintenance Plan Renewal webpage.
-USB Version Only: change to the loading sequence for WinPcap. If a suitable or newer installed version of WinPcap is found on the host system, that WinPcap will be loaded instead of the WinPcap Pro 4.1.2 found on the USB Flash Drive.
-Updated SQLite to
-Updated database files.

11.51 July 18, 2013

New Features:
-ARP Scan, Ping Scanner and Port Scanner: New summary pie charts show an overview of the results. This is especially important in large data results (port scanner) situations where you may or may not quickly locate an open port in a long list of port results.
-ARP Ping, Ping - Enhanced, Ping Scanner, Traceroute: The 2 dimensional Timing Charts now have trend line analysis. There are linear line fitting plus a number of polynomial curve fitting options available. The line formula can be optionally shown. Each tool has a button to display the Timing Chart after you have used the tool.
-Packet Flooder: added total data bytes sent to status.
-Manual Tools Left Panel: Duplicate IP Scanner is now in the right alphabetic order.
-SNMP - Core and Advanced: SNMPv3 Context field is now correctly passed in the outgoing SNMPv3 packet. Bulk Repetitions now defaults to 32.
-ARP Cache: renamed Index column to I/F Index (interface index).
-Port Scanner: many internal changes to improve operation when scanning large port ranges. Changes to show rejected TCP connections and more clearly define Closed and Filtered UDP ports.
-Whois: added 16 new Top Level Domains (TLDs) to database.
-Updated SQLite to 3.7.17
-Updated database files.

11.50 May 14, 2013

New Tools:
-Duplicate IP Scanner: this tool scans your subnet looking for duplicate IPs responding with different MAC addresses. If a duplicate is found, both devices are displayed.
-Firewall Rules: this tool gives you the ability to rapidly see the Windows Firewall Settings showing applications, ports, protocols and blocking state. It also has a button for launching the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security management application without having to go through Control Panel. This tool requires Windows Vista or newer.
-Arp Cache Tool: Button to flush (clear) ARP Cache added. Requires Windows Vista or later and requires Administrator privileges.
-Arp Ping Tool: Button added to display a chart showing the Arp Ping results as ping versus time. Chart can be saved, printed or copied to the clipboard.
-Arp Scan Tool: Significant internal changes to the way Arp Reply packets are handled and displayed. It no longer depends on displaying the operating system Arp Cache (as the Arp Cache Tool does) because the cache can be out-of-date or incorrect due to limits placed on the size of the cache (affects Windows Vista and later). See Microsoft KB949589 for methods of increasing the Arp cache size.
-Framework: menu items shortcuts under Accessibility updated to reflect new tools.
-Managed Switch Port Mapper Launcher: if using NetScanTools Pro USB Version, it now searches for the USB version of the Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool on the same flash drive.
-Network Neighbors: now correctly works with the Favorites panel.
-Packet Generator: crash problem when displaying the 'sleep' message window inside a loop fixed.
-Packet Generator: parsing of commands containing numbers (DS_BIT3, DS_BIT4, DS_BIT5, ECN_ECT_BIT6, ECN_CE_BIT7) fixed.
-Packet Generator: added two more example scripts. Press Select Script to see them.
-Ping Enhanced Tool: Button added to display a chart showing the Ping results as ping versus time. Chart can be saved, printed or copied to the clipboard.
-Ping Scanner Tool: Button added to display a chart showing the Ping results as ping versus time. Chart can be saved, printed or copied to the clipboard.
-SMTP Server Test: Reformatted tool layout and made a small change to the way the previous server list is memorized.
-Traceroute Tool: Button added to display a chart showing the Traceroute timing results as hop versus time. Chart can be saved, printed or copied to the clipboard.
-Updated SQLite to
-Updated database files.

11.42 March 14, 2013

-Network Connection Endpoints: corrected problem that caused a crash if you used this tool on an operating system that did not have IPv6 networking installed. Usually affected Windows XP or 2003, later operating systems have IPv6 installed by default.
-Packet Generator: several important changes to scripting. Added packet reset commands to set the packet to an initial state prior to setting bits or fields in the packet - added !TCP_RESET_PACKET, !UDP_RESET_PACKET, !ICMP_RESET_PACKET, !ARP_RESET_PACKET, !CDP_RESET_PACKET. Errors such as failure to load a packet data file are now shown in the new Notifications/Errors window. A checkbox has been added to allow you to debug scripts by monitoring the processing of each command in the same new window.
-Significant documentation updates in Packet Generator Scripting. Revised example scripts.
-Updated WinPcap to 4.1.3 which officially supports Windows 8.
-Updated database files

11.41 February 18, 2013

-Registration Reminder Window: cleaned up and reduced visual clutter.
-Add to Favorites: significant internal changes. Right click/Add on left panel tool icons now works properly. Right click/Remove only works in the Favorites panel. Adding more than one instance of the same tool has now been disallowed.
-Startup warning note added on the Welcome window if a default system DNS IPv4 address matches the IPv4 address of a default gateway.
-SSL Certificate Scanner: modified certificate signing bits column and added signature type column. If MD5 is seen, the signature type is shown in red.
-ARP Cache tool now properly shows the cache on Windows 8.
-Network Neighbors: Physical Address for Teredo now shows up properly on Windows 8.
-DNS Tools - Core: Simple Query - IPv6 will resolve and show IPv6 addresses for hostnames even if IPv6 is not properly configured in the operating system.
-Ping and Traceroute: hostnames will now resolve and show IPv6 addresses even if IPv6 is not properly configured in the operating system.
-IPv6/Show IPv6 Compatible Interfaces: results area redesigned and now shows multiple global IPv6 addresses. Instant searching on a column basis has been implemented. New right click menu with more export options.
-SMTP Server Tests: added results window so that the test results/log files are immediately shown after you send a test message or do a relay test.
-Updated SQLite to
-Updated database files.

11.40 December 28, 2012

New Tools:
-NetScanTools SSL Certificate Scanner. This tool allows you to gather information about the SSL Certificates from a list of SSL enabled web servers. It also tests to see if the website allows weak SSLv2 connections.
-Registration Reminder Window: the Paste button now works properly.
-Windows 8 and Server 2012 hosted platforms are now properly identified for internal use.
-Favorites Left Panel Control Group: added new right click option to REMOVE a tool from the Favorites Group. You can also uncheck the box on any manual tool labeled 'Add to Favorites'.
-Most button heights have been increased by a couple units.
-DHCP Server Discovery now allows double clicking in the list of interfaces to start the discovery process.
-DNS Tools Core: added the MX preference to Get Basic DNS Records.
-Maintenance Plan Expiration Date is now checked periodically using our server to update the expiration date (you can turn this off in Preferences). We found that after plan renewal many users did not update the locally saved plan expiration date. Of course, the program continues to operate even if the plan expires, the locally saved date is there only as a reminder.
-IPv6 - Network Connection Endpoints now displays IPv6 for both TCP and UDP.
-Network Interfaces, Wireless now has a better message if the wireless interface is not active on Windows 8, 7 and Vista.
-Packet Flooder: improved the random target port generation and random packet length generation. They are now thread safe.
-Port Scanner now offers to generate a report in the web browser for Target List (multiple targets) results at the end of a scan.
-Port Scanner: added right click options to launch Telnet, FTP, web browser to connect with the target.
-Added more Real Time Blacklist servers to the list.
-SMTP Server Tests now has a dropdown list for retaining tested SMTP servers.
-SNMP Tools - SNMP Manager reworked and now supports using libeay32.dll both versions 0.9.8 and 1.0.x.
-TCP Term: fixed a problem where a error message would appear if the 'any' source port option was checked. It only affected operation on 64 bit platforms.
-Updated SQLite to
-Updated database files.

11.32 July 13, 2012

-Automated Reports now have the same question regarding the handling of non-responding ports for port scan results.

11.31 July 12, 2012

-Manual Tools Reports now has new right click option allowing the removal of a single test result from the database. Press Reports, then right click in the list of test results.
-Reports now ask if you want to see the non-responding ports in port scan results. This applies to both web browser and exported text reports.
-Exported text reports now have additional information explaining which test results are included along with other parameters.
-DNS Tools - Who Am I? has been completely revised to show more information including IPv6 addresses and now shows information grouped by interface.
-Ping and Traceroute: IPv6 error reporting has been enhanced giving more information when a packet is not received, ie. timeout etc.
-Internal Registration Form now correctly checks to make sure you have entered a properly formatted email address.
-Updated SQLite to
-Updated database files.

11.30 May 8, 2012

New Tool:
-Network Neighbors: Display the IPv6 Network Neighbors table showing the IPv6 address and physical address associations. It is a complementary tool to the IPv4 ARP Cache tool and there are now 'jump' buttons on each to switch between them. This tool requires Windows Vista, 7 or 8. It does not work on Windows XP.
-Network Interfaces - Wireless: Profile column added to the Available Wireless Networks display. Changed Number of BSSIDs to show the actual BSSID (mac address) of the access point even if not connected to the access point.
-Traceroute: added IPv6 mode. Works with both physical and tunnel interfaces like Teredo.
-Whois: IPv6 address queries now work for most global IPv6 addresses.
-Packet Flooder: improved graph response and overall performance of tool on Windows 7.
-Results Database Creation Window: added button for defining the default documents path for this user. Added checks for verifying that the selected results folder is real and making sure it is not located in c:\program files\.
-Network Shares - SMB: added identification of Windows 8 systems.
-Traceroute: fixed settings retention.
-Network Connection Endpoints: Improved Windows XPsp2+ display. Added full process path warning if your are not using and administrator account on Windows Vista/7/8.
-ARP Cache and ARP Scan: IP address to hostname resolving is now done in parallel. It is much faster.
-New Command Line Options: force activating the results database selection window and activate the registration window.
-SNMP Advanced: display loaded MIBs now works properly.
-Packet Generator: added new command to override the WinPcap Interface IP selection.
-Port Scanner: pasting the end IP address when editing a target list now works.
-TTCP: now shows the correct interface IP address as a function of the target. This affects systems with more than one IPv4 interface.
-Incoming Connection Monitor: message removed that appeared when you changed WinPcap Interfaces.
-Ping - Enhanced: notation in Settings changed to reflect that DSCP bits are active only for WinPcap ICMP/TCP/UDP modes.
-Several other internal minor fixes.
-Updated SQLite to
-Updated database files.

11.20 January 19, 2012

New Tool:
-Country to IP or ASN: Select a country from the list and find the IPv4, IPv6 or ASN records assigned or allocated to that country. This tool works from a local database that is updated with each release. It is a complementary tool to the IP to Country tool and there are now 'jump' buttons on each to switch between them.
-Port Scanner: now allows you to do a port scan on a list of IPv4 addresses.
-DHCP Server Discovery: added the ability to do DHCP Discovery on more than one network. You can now select the network interface to do the discovery on. This would apply to a laptop running both a wired and wireless connection.
-Whois: fixed DNS queries so that only requested records are displayed. Same fix also added to DNS Tools Core, Advanced and Batch, Real Time Blacklist Check.
-Packet Flooder: additional error diagnostics for when local firewall prevents the sending of UDP packets.
-Modified delay timers to reduce the chance of using too much CPU time.
-Export from Network Routing Visualizer Target Editor now works.
-Packet Generator: corrected ethernet header type field for RARP.
-SNMP Tools: improved error reporting when incorrect input it entered.
-Updated SQLite to
-Updated database files.

11.11 October 14, 2011

-Packet Generator: Packet Interval now accepts fractional time, ie. 0.6 = 600 microseconds.
-Packet Flooder: Number of packets sent and time interval added to the status line.
-Packet Flooder: Added Packet Flooder to the menu bar Accessibility/Packet Level group.
-IPv6/Show IPv6 Compatible Interfaces: Now shows the presence of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses bound to each interface.
-Maintenance Plan Expiration Date warning now works as intended.
-All menus on the menu bar are now fully expanded by default.
-The tool sourcing the 'use at your own risk' warning message now shows in the message title bar.
-Ping Scanner: The 'use at your own risk' warning message was added.
-Automated Tools: Pressing the Stop button before all tests are complete now correctly ends the testing process.
-Automated Tools: Graying out of the DNS controls now works correctly.
-Whois: ASN lookups now work correctly.
-Left Control Panel right click action menu: Adding a tool to favorites now works better, the menu item stays active even if you move your cursor outside the icon. Removed 'Shortcuts Bar' option from the menu - you would be unable to select tools without the shortcuts bar which is the left control panel.

11.10 September 22, 2011

New Tools:
-Packet Flooder: This tool allows you to send UDP packets to a target as fast as your computer's networking system will allow. It supports both IPv4 and IPv6. It shows the current and historical network interface bandwidth utilization graphically. Random and fixed data contents, data length and port number are supported.
-Packet Generator/Packet Capture Playback Tool: allows you to load a previously saved Packet Capture Tool or Wireshark capture file and play it back either at the timing rate it was originally captured at or as fast as possible.
User Interface Changes:
-Mousewheel scrolling added for all left panel panes. For example hold the cursor over Manual Tools icons and scroll the mouse wheel up and down. This is much faster than using the left pane panel up/down arrow buttons.
-In the Manual Tools left panel group, right click on an icon, then select Add Tool to Favorites.
-Added header column drag and drop for all grid based results. To use this, run the tool to get results, then click on the header and use drag and drop to reorder the columns. Then you can save or print or view in a web browser. When you run the tool again, the original column order will be restored.
-Most tools now load their settings when first viewed. This will result in a speedup of the program startup sequence, especially in the USB version.
-All MAC addresses show using the dash notation, ie. 01-02-03-04-05-06 instead of the other notation that allows colon characters. This was done to avoid confusion with IPv6 addresses which require colon characters.
-Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool Launcher now properly adds to Favorites.
-Wireshark Launcher now properly adds to Favorites.
-Routing Table IPv4: now correctly displays Favorites status checkbox.
-Preferences: More tooltips added. New Restore Window Layout button added.
-IPv6 menu item added. Show IPv6 Compatible Interfaces helps you see the which interfaces are IPv6 compatible along with their state and most importantly their Scope ID. The Scope ID is necessary for using Link Local addresses with tools like Ping.
-Packet Capture: now captures IPv6 packets and provides basic IPv6 decoding.
Other Changes:
-About NetScanTools Pro: Additional error messages added for Update Maintenance Plan Expiration Date from our server.
-ARP Cache: Listening thread shutdown improvement.
-ARP Scan: Listening thread shutdown improvement.
-DNS Tools Batch Queries: Importing of lists speeded up.
-DNS Tools Core: Test Default DNS now grays out the buttons after checking for an empty input field.
-IP to Country: Importing of lists speeded up.
-MAC to Manufacturer: Importing of lists speeded up.
-Ping Scan: Importing of lists speeded up.
-Ping Scan: Exporting of IP Address and/or Hostname column(s) to text file has been added to the right click results menu.
-Ping Scan: Right click results menu item Delete Non-Responding IPs now works correctly.
-Network Interfaces and Statistics: in the Network Interface List, the IPv4 and IPv6 Interface Index values are shown together. This assumes you have IPv6 on the machine.
-SNMP shutdown command was added to ExitInstance. The program will now properly unload the MIBs that have been loaded if the SNMP tools were used.
-SNMP Advanced: quotes have been removed from results in the System Info and ARP Cache reports.
-Packet Generator: corrected problem where the source IP address was not being used from the dropdown WinPcap Interface list.
-Packet Generator: timing of the start of each packet is now much more accurate (microseconds) as defined in the Packet Interval entry field. It is now accurate enough to use for jitter testing when Send Continuously is selected. The floating packet progress window was eliminated in order to add to the accuracy. Packet Interval must be set greater than zero for accurate send timing, recommend setting packet count at one and using UDP for jitter testing.
-Packet Generator: burst mode has been added. If packet count is greater than zero and the packet interval is zero, it will send a burst of identical packets as fast as the WinPcap driver allows. If Send Continuously is selected, bursts will be sent as fast as possible.
-Packet Generator: TCP Options are being incrementally added. This release adds SACK, MSS, and Window Scaling TCP options.
-Packet Generator: CDP packets now correctly go to mac address 01-00-0C-CC-CC-CC.
-Port Scanner: corrected logic for displaying messages relating to AV programs intercepting port 25 and 110 email communications.
-Port Scanner: Listening thread shutdown improvement.
-SMTP Server Tests: TLS mail sending command sequence has been corrected. STARTTLS mode should now work correctly.
-Updated SQLite to
-Updated database files.

11.02 May 20, 2011

-Fixed problem with STARTTLS negotiations for SMTP Server Tests. Added examples for a few free email services.
-Fixed problem with the rwhois initial server box not correctly saving entries. Also replaced with since has disappeared.
-Pressing the F1 key now correctly launches the Help engine to view the current tool.
-ARP Ping right click menu now appears.
-Autocheck for new version now correctly parses the minor versions.
-Linkage to wininet.dll is now dynamic.
-Updated SQLite to
-Updated database files.

11.80 August 4, 2016

-Fixed problem running on color depths of less than 32 bits per pixel. Error message was "Failed to create empty document".
-Fixed problem with Results Database Directory where if the directory did not exist, the message "SQLITE_CANTOPEN[14]: unable to open database file." This was because SQLite could not create a database in a non-existant directory.
-Fixed problem in supporting programs where the wrong report banner image name was being written to the html report source.
-Fixed problem where in Automated tools, if you entered the wrong type of data and IP to ASN, Auth Serial Check, DNS Verify, SRV records or IP to Country was checked, it might crash.
-Improved message that appears when WinPcap is not running. Now includes suggestion to open a command prompt and run the command 'net start npf' to force WinPcap startup. This may require admin privileges on Windows 7 or Vista.
-Added more string length to handle long pathnames in Network Connections.
-Removes temporary files on exit.

11.00 April 4, 2011

Initial Release.