Purpose of the DHCP Discovery Tool

The purpose of the DHCP Discovery tool is to help you find IPV4 DHCP Servers on each of your network interfaces and see the information they are offering in response to a DHCP_DISCOVER query. You can specify which network interface you want to use to detect DHCP servers. It works with both wired and wireless 802.11 interfaces.

About the DHCP Discovery Tool

The NetScanTools Pro DHCP Server Discovery tool detects IPv4 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP or DHCPv4) servers on the local network interfaces of your choice. It shows all responding DHCP servers both legitimate and servers that are not supposed to be on your network subnet (sometimes called rogue DHCP servers).

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DHCP Discovery Screenshot

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How the DHCP Discovery Tool works

A DHCP_OFFER packet with the sending interface MAC address is sent to the IPv4 subnet through the interface you selected.
Responses are noted and the following 'option' fields are parsed if found in the response.

  • DHCP Server IP Address
  • DHCP Server Hostname
  • Offered IP Address
  • Offered Subnet Mask
  • IP Address Lease Time
  • Renewal Time
  • Rebinding Time
  • Domain Name
  • DNS IP Address
  • Router IP Address
  • NTP Server IP Address

A video of the DHCP Discovery Tool in action!

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This tool discovers DHCP Servers on local network segments (subnets) connected to each network interface. It is currently IPv4 only.