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DNS Tools - Advanced
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- Last Review: June 16, 2012

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DNS Tools - Advanced Description

DNS Tools - Advanced are a collection of powerful specialized tools for querying DNS servers. Use the tools to troubleshoot DNS settings or determine other name resolution problems.

Authoritative DNS Serial Check

  • Authoritative DNS Serial Check takes a domain name and finds the authoritative name servers (primary and secondary), then it queries each name server for the current serial number for the zone defining the domain, then it presents and analyzes the results.

    [Start Query]
    Authoritative DNS Serial Check
    Starting Timestamp: 01/21/09 11:59:14
    Query: nwpsw.com

    NS: ns100.apollohosting.com -- Serial: 2009010901
    NS: ns101.apollohosting.com -- Serial: 2009010901

    Analysis: All serial numbers are identical, no problems detected.

    [End Query]

DNS Software Version

  • DNS Software Version retrieves the software version of the subject DNS. Some DNS will not respond to this query for security reasons.

    [Start Query]
    DNS Software Version and Authors
    Starting Timestamp: 01/21/09 11:57:33
    Subject DNS: ns1.sampledomainsomewhere.net

    DNS Version: 9.4.2-P2
    DNS Author: Bob Halley
    DNS Author: David Lawrence
    DNS Author: Danny Mayer
    DNS Author: Damien Neil
    DNS Author: Matt Nelson
    DNS Author: Michael Sawyer
    DNS Author: Brian Wellington
    DNS Author: Mark Andrews
    DNS Author: James Brister
    DNS Author: Ben Cottrell
    DNS Author: Michael Graff
    DNS Author: Andreas Gustafsson

    [End Query]


DNS Verify

  • DNS Verify takes an IP address and does a reverse lookup on it to find the hostname. Then it takes the hostname and resolves it back to an IP address. If the IP addresses match, the DNS records verified. There is a batch version of this tool included as part of the DNS Tools - Batch Queries tool.

    [Start Query]
    DNS Verification
    Starting Timestamp: 01/21/09 11:51:02
    Source DNS:

    Requesting PTR record for

    PTR Record: ns2.czarnecki.de

    Requesting A record for ns2.czarnecki.de

    A Record:

    Analysis: IP to Hostname to IP DNS Verification FAILED: Starting and ending IPs are different.
    [End Query]

IP Drilldown

  • IP Drilldown is a tool for determining all the responsible name servers (and also the company names) of an IPv4 address. It uses the selected DNS to query in ARPA namespace for each class D, C, B and A.



  • ENUM. This tool in Name Server Lookup accepts a fully qualified telephone number beginning with the country code and returns any records maintained by the end user in the ENUM registry in the public domain e164.arpa (or any other root you choose).

    Example (parts of this query have been altered to protect the privacy of the phone number owner. The phone number is fictitious.)

    [Start Queries]
    Processing Telephone Number [+420596987654]

    [Query in ENUM NAPTR namespace for]

    Server:  unknown_server_name

    Non-authoritative answer:                NAPTR        order = 200, preference = 50
           flags = "u"
           services = "E2U+h323"
           rule = "!^\+(.*)$!h323:\1@xyzext.samplecompany.cz!"
    replacement = (root)                NAPTR        order = 100, preference = 50
           flags = "u"
           services = "E2U+sip"
           rule = "!^\+(.*)$!sip:\samplecompany.cz!"
    replacement = (root)

    Authoritative answers can be found from:                NS          nameserver = ns.samplecompany.cz                NS          nameserver = ns.samplecompany.net
    ns.samplecompany.net                A           internet (IPv4) address =

    [End Query]

SPF Records/Domain Keys

  • SPF/Domain Keys takes a domain name requests the SPF records and Domain Keys records (if available).

    [Start Query]
    SPF/Domain Keys
    Starting Timestamp: 12/19/08 13:46:46
    Source DNS:
    Target: blzservices.com

    Requesting SPF TXT record.
    SPF (TXT) Record: v=spf1 mx ip4: -all

    Requesting SPF resource record (RFC4408).
    No SPF resource record available.

    Requesting _domainkey.blzservices.com TXT record.
    DomainKey Record: t=y;o=-; r=support[at symbol removed]blzservices.com

    [End Query]
  • Settings. This is used to specify the current DNS, timing and ENUM root server.
    DNS Tools - Advanced Settings

Screenshot of DNS Tools - Advanced

DNS Tools - Advanced Screenshot


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