NetScanTools Pro The IP to Country Mapping tool is a database lookup tool.

It has two operating modes: single and batch. Single mode accepts one IPv4 address and returns the country assignment. Batch mode is more useful in that you can import a list of IP addresses in the editor, then get the country assignments for the list. The results of both modes are shown below. The IP addresses were gathered from an actual log file of probes of our servers on non-standard ports. You can right click on the results for quick access to other tools such as whois and traceroute. Traceroute also includes IP to Country lookups for each hop along the route. Whois also includes IP to country mapping as part of the process of getting whois information for a domain or IPv4 or IPv6 address.

The complementary tool to this one is Country to IPv4, IPv6, or ASN.

Screenshot of the tool showing a list of IPs and the countries assigned.
IP To Country Tool Screenshot

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