NetScanTools Pro Simple Services Tool Description

TThe Simple Services tool combines four client tools into one: Chargen client, Echo client, Quote of the Day client, and Daytime client. They are provided for historical completeness - the Simple Services can be installed on Windows.

Character Generator mode (CHARGEN client)

  • Shows the first 1024 characters received from a Chargen server.
  • Shows the current approximate bytes/second received from the Chargen server.
  • Supports TCP and UDP.

Chargen is a service which can be used to determine network speed in characters per second between two points. It is defined in RFC 864.

Daytime mode

The Daytime Client allows you to communicate and request the ASCII representation of the local time from a server. It is displayed exactly as generated by the server.

Echo mode

The Echo client allows you to connect to the echo service on another computer and type characters. You can observe the responsiveness of the other computer over a network. If UDP mode is used, characters may be dropped or transposed. There is also a speed test using the TCP echo port.

Quote mode

The Quote of the Day Client Tool allows you to query a target host for the quote of the day protocol response.