Purpose of the SMB Scanner Tool

Use this tool to scan a range or list of targets and show the SMB versions supported by the targets. Use it to find SMB version vulnerable systems. This new tool introduced in v11.84 and is not yet in the demo which is currently based on v11.83.

About the SMB Scanner Tool

The SMB Scanner Tool does these things to a list IPv4 addresses or hostnames:

  • Obtains the NetBIOS information including MAC address and NetBIOS hostname if available.
  • Obtains the MAC address if the target is on a local subnet.
  • Shows response latency.
  • Obtains each supported version of SMB including the highly vulnerable version 1 (think Wannacry) with color coded notation.
  • Identifies support for SMB 1, SMB 2.0.2, SMB 2.1, SMB 3.0, SMB 3.0.2 and SMB 3.1.1
  • Full print, copy and export capabilities from right click menu.

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SMB Scanner Screenshot

SMB Scanner Animated GIF Screenshot

Try the DEMO Now!

The animated screenshot shows the SMB Scanner in operation. Row 1 shows a Server 2008 response. Row 2 shows an old Windows XP response. Row 3 is an HP printer that has NetBIOS information but does not support SMB. Row 5 is a Windows 10 machine. Row 7 is a MacBook Pro with NetBIOS information and no SMB. The other rows do not have NetBIOS or SMB support.

How the SMB Scanner Tool works

It attempts to obtain SMB version information from each target.
It goes through the list targets (IPv4 or hostnames) and requests both SMB version support and NetBIOS information from the targets. The responses are displayed. You can then right click in the results and print, copy or export the results.

IPv6 targets will be supported in the future.

A video of the SMB Scanner Tool in action!

Not available. Coming soon.

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