NetScanTools Pro SNMP Dictionary Attack Tool Description

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) version 1 and version 2c both use a community name (similar to a password) to regulate access to information contained in the device. The community name is sent as part of the request and also appears in the response from the device. The SNMP Dictionary Attack Tool uses a list of community names as it attempts to retrieve basic information via SNMP from the device.

  • Uses plaintext list of common passwords. This list will be improved with each release.
  • Can test SNMPv1 or SNMPv2c or both together at the same time. IPv4 only.
  • Test speed is controllable so as to not overload the targets.
  • Color coded descriptive results.
  • Right click menu with options to retrieve further system information from the device.
  • This tool is accessed and launched from within the SNMP Advanced Tool.

VIDEO of the SNMP Dictionary Attack Tool in action.

Screenshot of the SNMP Dictionary Attack Tool.

SNMP Dictionary Attack Screenshot

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