NetScanTools Pro Text Only Web Page Viewer Tool Description

Text Only Web Page Viewer is a multifunction tool that is designed to safely contact web servers to retrieve HTML files. This allows you to safely retrieve only the text portion of a web page without accepting cookies or running any scripts. The response timing of the query is shown including DNS resolve time, web server connection response time, request to receive time. (currently HTTP only. HTTPS to be added soon)

Get Web Page Text - a safe text grabber.

This downloads the page or resource in text format, hides the html tags and shows you the text page with the full hidden header but without images, scripts, viruses or cookies. To accommodate web servers that host more than one domain, we have included an option to send the domain in the header host field.

Hidden Web Page Header Viewer.

You can view the hidden headers that your web browser doesn't show you. The header info shows things like web page size, creation date, and web server type.

Distributed Authoring and Versioning (DAV) Test Client.

Determine web server support for DAV.

Obscured URL De-obfuscation.

This tool can convert Obscured URLs to plain text as sometimes seen in SPAM to normal URLs that you can understand.