NetScanTools Pro Registration FAQs

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We frequently find that the person who bought the software is not the end-user. This is especially true for larger companies where a corporate buyer is involved and the end-user does not make direct purchases.

Beginning with the release of NetScanTools Pro 10 and continuing through v11, we are not providing patches or full version downloads on our public website. We have to give you access credentials and those are provided to you based upon your registration details. Access credentials were required as of Feb 21, 2006.

No, you may continue to use it beyond the expiration of the Maintenance Plan. There are no updates once the plan has expired.

We manually review your submission. The email is normally sent the same day if it is received during our business hours, otherwise we send it during the next business day.

99% of the time the problem is with spam filters on your end. Some filters are set so strongly that we are unable to email you even a simple email from any email domain we use. Normally we send from If we suspect that you are not getting our emails we will try to email from If you think this is the problem, please call us or provide another less filtered email address as an alternative.

We recommend it - you will need it if you have to reinstall.

No. Use the registration information that we send you for both. If you do register twice, please use the same email address for both. If you use a different email address for the same serial number, the newest email address will replace the older one.

No, but we reserve the right to do that in the future. You can move it to another computer using your CDKEY/Serial Number to install and your registration information email to activate after install. Please uninstall from the old computer.

No, each serial number may only be registered to one person and email address. If another person registers a serial number, we ask that person if they are the new registered user. If so, then we replace the old person with the new person and email address.