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  Purpose of this form
This form is for registering a purchased version of one of CDROM/ESD media products. If you have questions please email us here.

This form cannot be used to register version 10.x or 11.x. Start NetScanTools Pro then press the Step 1: Register Online button on the Registration Reminder window to access the correct form.

  How to find your program version number

NetScanTools Pro 2004 - see opening registration reminder window or Program Info/About or main window titlebar.

NetScanTools Pro 2000-2003 or NetScanTools Standard 4.x - see About tab, very top line of text next to the logo.

NetScanTools Standard 5.x - see Program Info/About or main window titlebar.

ipPulse - press the About button.


- Last Review: October 22, 2012

Registering Software

About the Registration Process

  • If you bought from a reseller and you lose your CD or CDKEY, we can quickly confirm you as a registered user and send your CDKEY to you or help you obtain a replacement CD. Without a registration, we CANNOT help you.
  • Newsletters. Registered users can elect to receive newsletters on this form.
  • Support. Registered users can get tech support by email or phone.
  • Eligibility for Upgrade Pricing. Registration assists in providing us with eligibility information.
  • Registration FAQs

Registration Information Form

(Privacy Policy)
All information entered on this page is kept confidential. NWPS, Inc. does not sell, trade or exchange emailing lists with any organization.

Please complete the required information below:

    Please select product below (required)
    NetScanTools Pro 2004 (you will be sent a registration code by email)
    NetScanTools Pro 2000, 2001, 2002 or 2003
    NetScanTools Standard 5.x or 4.x

Program Version Number (required. See left sidebar for help finding version number)
Examples: 9.4, 5.10, 8.4. NetScanTools Pro 2004 current version is 9.4.
DO NOT ENTER 10.x or 11.x -- please see left sidebar.

CDKEY/Serial number found on the About window/tab/dialog or on the sticker found on our CDROM packaging. Example: xxxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxx-xxxx (required): - if your key starts with V or U, you are using the WRONG FORM - start the program and follow the directions in the program.

Date of Purchase (required):

Registered User (both fields are required)
First Name

Last Name (family/surname)

You can request to be added to our newsletter email list. We do not share your email address with anyone. We send a newsletter approximately once a month. Please whitelist email coming from netscantools.com if you agree to receive email from us.

    Yes, I want to be on the newsletter list.
    No, I do not want to be on the list.

Your Email Address (required) (Privacy Policy)

The Submit Registration button is at the bottom of this page.

The questions below are OPTIONAL.

What operating system are you running this program on? (optional)

What operating system are you running this program on?
When using NetScanTools Pro on...
Windows 7: Your version must be 10.81 or newer.
Windows Vista/2008 Server: Your version must be 10.42 or newer.
- USB version registrations, tell us the version of Windows you most expect to use it with.

Purchased From (optional):

Your Company Name (optional):

Your Postal Mailing Address (optional):

Where did you first hear about NetScanTools Pro? (optional)
(class, seminar, Google ad, magazine ad, etc.):

Enter any comments or suggestions you have about the program here. (optional)

NetScanTools Pro Version 10/11 users, please see left sidebar. You cannot register V10.x/V11.x with this form. Your submission will be rejected by our system.

Image Verification
Please enter the text from the image. Press Refresh Image to get a new image.
[ Refresh Image ] [ What's This? ]

NetScanTools Pro 2004 users: we will email you a registration code within one business day of submission. Registrations are manually reviewed. If you DO NOT receive your code after a reasonable time, please check your SPAM filter quarantine folder for email from netscantools.com. Missing registration email messages are usually detained by spam filtering software--please whitelist us.



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