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Automated Tool Results

The report is selected from the list, then you view it. The test date and time, target and hash status are shown. The hash status is there to ensure the data that is kept plain text in the database has not been altered.

Automated Research Tool Results Discussion

The Automated Research Tool accepts input as an IP Address, hostname, domain name, email address or URL then conducts research on that input data using some of our manual tools. This feature helps you do basic analysis without having to know how to use specific tools.

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Report Screenshots for netscantools.com

This 'Automated' report is shown in multiple screenshots below for 'netscantools.com'.

Report Screenshot Showing Date, Time, Target and DNS Tools - Core Test for NetScanTools.com

Automated Results Report Screenshot Part 1

Real Time Blacklist Check Report Screenshot

Automated Results Report Screenshot Part 2

Ping Report Screenshot - note 'jitter' at the bottom

Automated Results Report Screenshot Part 3

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The report is built from the database results saved during the Automated Tool operation.