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IP/MAC Management
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- Last Review: June 16, 2012

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IP/MAC Address Management Tool Description

The IP/MAC Address Management tool is a database tool designed to maintain IPv4/MAC address associations found using the NetScanner tool, SNMP tool, ARP Scan tool, and the Network Shares - SMB tool.
  • IP/MAC address associations are gathered from the Ping Scanner following a ping sweep.
  • IP/MAC address associations are gathered from the Network Shares - SMB.
  • IP/MAC address associations are gathered from the SNMP ARP Cache Report.
  • IP/MAC address associations are gathered from ARP Scan.
  • IP/MAC address associations can be manually entered or updated using the Check ARP Now button.
  • Popop window alerts can be optionally issued if an IPv4 address is found with a different MAC address or vice versa.
  • IP/MAC address associations are time stamped in the database and the hostname is also retained if it is known.
  • The database is SQLite compatible.

Screenshot of the IP/MAC address Database Tool

IP/MAC database screenshot


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