Purpose of ARP/RARP mode in the Packet Generator Tool

The purpose of this tool is to give you a way to craft an ARP or RARP packet or set of ARP packets to send to a network, then observe the response by various IPv4 devices with a packet capturing tool like Packet Capture. ARP can be used to find devices on a subnet even if they are hidden from view with a firewall.

About crafting and sending ARP or RARP packets using the Packet Generator

The Packet Generator tool's ARP/RARP mode allows you to create and send one or more ARP or RARP packets to a group of systems in an IPv4 subnet. You have full control over the fields within the header. This protocol is used by ethernet connected IPv4 devices to find the MAC address of an interface given an IPv4 address.

Scripted packet transmission can be used to send multiple different ARP or RARP packets.

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Packet Generator

Packet Generator Screenshot
Important Notes about the Packet Generator
  • This tool uses WinPcap to send packets. The network interface you use to send packets must be compatible with WinPcap. Best results are usually obtained from a wired ethernet interface or a 802.11 wireless interface.
  • This tool does not send packets at a rate necessary to stress or otherwise saturate an interface. It is not a high speed Traffic Generator and it does not respond to packets coming back. Please consider the Packet Flooder Tool.

Packet Generator Tool Capabilities - ARP mode

  • Sends ARP or RARP Packets to the network mac address you specify. There are seven presets: B31, B16, B8, GRP, M0, M1 and M3. There is also a standard ARP preset (all Fs).
  • Full header control for the ARP or RARP packet. You can specify most parameters in the header such as hardware type, protocol type, hardware address length, protocol length, operation, source and destination IPv4 and MAC addresses.
  • Scripting. Simple scripting is provided so that you can send different types packets. Scripted packet transmission can be used to send packets with parameters changing according to your script.

ARP Send Mode

Packet Generator ARP Packet Definition Screenshot

Capture of what was sent

ARP Packet Generator Screenshot

A video of the Packet Generator tool sending ARP Packets

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This tool uses WinPcap to send specialized packets.