Revision History for versions 4 and 5

18 September 2003 Version 5.10
-Left shortcut bar panel width setting is now memorized.
-Tools tree expansion settings are now memorized.
-Results display borders are now all consistent.
-If results area of tool is empty, the persistence file now is deleted.
-Removed all Clear Results buttons and moved Clear Results function to right click menus.
-Removed all Autosize buttons and moved Autosize Display Columns function to right click menus.
-Removed Osirusoft from RBL check because they have ceased operations and added in it's place.
-Updated whois server list to include new IP mappings and Estonia whois server.
-Database tests now save column widths between sessions.

-All window autoscrolling as data comes in is now consistent and more
-Changed paths to local html files to full paths rather than relative paths. This should improve compatibility with some third party browsers.
-Checked for zero width columns on initial view creation and auto sized if found.
-We now add a default view if prior saved view is not recognized.
-Fixed a problem where in rare cases if a NSLOOKUP DNS response came back that was too large for the program, a crash could occur.
-Text background colors in Whois are now properly saved and retrieved.
-Ident server thread is now properly terminated at program exit.

17 July 2003 Version 5.00
-Complete makeover and rewrite.
-Automated section for gathering information automatically.

20 February 2003 Version 4.31
-Added filtering to NetBIOS tab to selectively limit the amount of digging through Windows domains.
-Automated the List Domain feature on Name Server Lookup.
-Added quick selection of NSLOOKUP options to Name Server Lookup.
-Improved sorting by IP address on Ping, Traceroute, NetScanner.
-Since so many features depend on the use of raw sockets, we now detect whether or not we can use raw sockets on your machine and warn you if there is a problem. We check for Administrator privileges which are required for raw sockets and we also check for the presence of a program known to block raw sockets access even when you have admin privs on your account. (Windows XP/2000/NT4 only)

-Fixed .org whois issue.

7 October 2002 Version 4.30
-Merged Chargen, Daytime, Echo and Quote into single Simple Services tab.
-Added default dns names to Name Server Lookup initial display.
-Added HTTP 1.1 basic authentication to What's New. See setup.
-Improved ping and traceroute packet post analysis.
-Added progress bar for Port Probe.
-Updated TimeSync server list.
-Updated Whois configuration file.
-Updated Help file.
-Added Check for New Version button on About tab.

-Fixed highlighted scrolling scrolling problem on whois and other similar tabs.
-Fixed whois problem. Added more control over whois queries in whois setup.
-Fixed UDP packet transmission to conform to more strict requirements imposed by XP.

8 April 2002 Version 4.23
-Autosize has been added to certain right click menus.
-NetScanner: new right click menu has option to eliminate the nonresponding ips from list.
-Updated TimeSync server list.
-Updated Whois configuration file.
-Added Get Default DNS button to Name Server Lookup tab/Adv Query Setup.

-Port Probe: over 15 character end IP message issue fixed.
-Traceroute, NetScanner, and Port Probe have been speeded up.
-Traceroute: addressed the TTL problem for TTL 32.
-Windows XP is unable to sort out NetBIOS (Windows) computer names returned to it during NetScanner sweeps. We have a workaround which prevents those computer names being wrongly assigned to the an IP address. For more info, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q317936. This should be corrected in Windows XP Service Pack 1.

19 September 2001 Version 4.22
-NetScanner tab now has right click menu (results area) with many options.
-NetScanner, Ping and Traceroute tabs now have new text copying options on right click menu.
-Ping tab now allows up to 4096 packets to be sent in a single ping sequence.

-Fixed longstanding bug in traceroute that caused crashes on Win 95/98/ME.
-Corrected ICMP type 3 table and added more codes.
-Fixed other bugs in traceroute that affected speed. It should be much faster now.
-Fixed FTP default button action on Launcher tab.

8 August 2001 Version 4.21
-NetBIOS tab now has IP address along with MAC address.
-Font control now added for the text on the tab header.
-Autosize (ping, traceroute etc.) now autosizes to the column header text or the column contents, whichever it greater.
-Gridlines added to Ping, Traceroute, NetScanner, NetBIOS.
-updates and changes to the whois configuration file.
-Significant changes to whois .com/net/org/edu first server query.

-mail to/from formatting changed to "user"

1 June 2001 Version 4.20
-updates and changes to the whois configuration file.
Added parsing for domains .cl, .is, .ie, .lt, .nz, .sh.
-Started parsing VT100 commands in the TCP Term tab. While not fully implemented, this is a start at eliminating the tiny squares that sometimes appear in the text when connected with telnet sessions.
-Speeded up Port Probe and Traceroute.

-Fixed trial program crashing problem on Windows ME. CDROM version was not affected.
-Fixed minor problems in TCPTerm.
-All executables recompiled with VC6SP5.

23 April 2001 Version 4.13
-updates and changes to the whois configuration file.

-List Domain (zone transfer) changes to support some DNS server zone transfer protocol differences.

18 December 2000 Version 4.12
-Tab control selection (single line or default multiline) on the Preferences tab.
-Whois parser now supports, and queries.
-Most data entry fields now support up to 1023 characters.

-NetBIOS tab: MAC address queries are now made using all LANAs.
-Made small adjustments to NetScanner report.
-NetScanner now skips .0 and .255 thereby eliminating pings to default broadcast addresses.

22 September 2000 Version 4.1
-Rwhois now supported by adding port number for default whois server.
-Added Ping and Traceroute graphs accessible by right click menu.
-Launcher tab now has user definable executables.
-TimeSync now has a Scheduler.
-Added NetScanner summary report.
-Changed grouping of tabs for different use categories.
-New support features on About tab including setting defaults and dumping NetScanTools registry settings.
-PDF format user manual now available for download from website support.

-All executables recompiled with VC6SP4.
-Reduced window size 15% to accommodate smaller format screens, ie. 800x600 large fonts.
-Port probe speeded up slightly.
-Critical section changes for Ping, Traceroute, NetScanner, and Port Probe.
-Fix changed "time sent" formatting for outgoing SMTP email messages.
-Fixed Chargen "0 chars" bug when switching tabs.
-Improved NetBIOS threading. Added in MAC address of Servers listed.
-Added AfxInitRichEdit to InitInstance.
-Fixed daytime onreset bug.

8 May 2000
nststd.exe ->
-Changed phone numbers to reflect change in sales office location.
-Fixed default whois server names.
smtpmail.dll ->
-Corrected for time zone when generating email message send time.

17 January 2000
nststd.exe ->
-Removed code section which forced requirement for Windows 95 OSR2.
-Improved thread communication.
-MRUs now properly saved immediately upon clearing.
nstmtspt.dll ->
-Scrolling for PING/Traceroute/NetScanner now implemented.
-Bind socket correction.
smplsrvs.dll ->
-Fixed UDP close upon read from UDP socket for chargen.
-Bind socket correction.

4 January 2000
nststd.exe ->
-Fixed problems populating the Port Probe results tree. All ports found are now correctly reported.

20 December, 1999
Initial Release 4.0