Press Reviews

May 16, 2011 TMCnet, "ipPulse Version 1.80 Simplifies Monitoring of IPv4 Connected Devices", by Mini Swamy Article covers both ipPulse and NetScanTools Pro.

September 8, 2010, "WLW032 - NetScanTools", an interview of Kirk Thomas by Keith Parsons Podcast covers NetScanTools Pro. Listen Download

February 16, 2010 ITEXPERTVOICE, "IP Toolkits: 6 Great Items for Your Networking Toolbox – Some of Which are Free", by Ed Tittel Article reviews both NetScanTools Basic and NetScanTools Pro.

March 2, 2009 LoveMyTool, "Review of NetScanTools Pro", by the Masked Network Engineer Team Reviewed in article "Review of NetScanTools Pro".

February 29, 2008 Processor, "Three Questions", Julie Sartain Reviewed in article "Information Gathering Tools", Northwest Performance Software Facilitates Network Discovery.

August 23, 2007 Hacking for Dummies, Kevin Beaver, Wiley Publishing, 2nd Edition Discussed in chapter 9. Read an excerpt here.

May 5, 2006 Computer Shopper (UK) Mentioned in article "Who's spying on you" as a method of viewing the protected storage area.

March 17, 2006 Processor, Daniel P. Dern Reviewed in article "Enhance Common Network Tools", NetScanTools Pro 10.3 Simplifies TCP/IP Information Gathering & Network Discovery.

February 17, 2006 TECHWORLD, Mark Gibbs Reviewed in the article entitled A networking Swiss Army knife. A suite of services for network forensics and exploration. (This is a reprint of the Network World article below)

February 13, 2006 Network World, Mark Gibbs Reviewed in the Gearhead column in the article entitled NetScanTools Pro: A networking Swiss Army knife

November 2, 2004  VARBusiness, Ed Tittel Reviewed in an excellent article entitled How To Spot Bogus E-Mail, IP tools expose phishing attacks, requests for personal data

September 7, 2004 TechBuilder, Ed Tittel Reviewed in an excellent article entitled Seeing Through E-mail and Web Scams.

May/June 2004 Novell Connection Magazine, Laura Chappell NetScanTools Pro is one of the 'must have' tools used in the White Hat Toolbox course. The article is fairly long and well written. Please read HOT Tools for Network Troubleshooting.

June 15, 2000 TechRepublic, Using TCP/IP troubleshooting tools by Ron Nutter NetScanTools Pro was the one of two tools profiled in this article about TCP/IP tools. You can read about it here.

February 14, 2000 NetScanTools Pro 2000 one of four runners-up for the InfoWorld Security Watch Golden Guardian award. This award recognizes the work of security product vendors. You can read about it in InfoWorld, Feb 15, 2000

December 6, 1999 NetScanTools Pro 2000 was the subject of a full review in InfoWorld, Dec 6, 1999

Customer Comments

Posted with permission

I love this program. At one point I tried Solarwinds, but it costs 1000 dollars and in truth isn't any better than NST. Grats on a bang up job. I love my USB Key, I use it most of the time. I use the workstation version occasionally, usually when I forget my USB Key :). Anthony M. - June 1, 2010

I first came across NetScanTools eight or nine years ago when running the technical support department at John McAfee's pioneering instant messaging firm, Tribal Voice. I initially had purchased one copy to allow me to investigate and troubleshoot customer as well as our own network problems, but purchased copies for my entire department and the IT staff when we realized how useful the program was. Today, I participate in an association of business, education, government, and independent security researchers which investigate and mitigate malicious software, and NetScanTools Pro is one of the programs in my arsenal I rely on daily for this task. Aryeh Goretsky

"Everyone that works in the world of computers knows that there are literally millions of so-called 'tools' out there. When you manage over 80 websites, many of them for Fortune 500 companies, you can't afford to have any downtime. But unexpected downtime comes with the job. When it happens, your brain starts to race, things all of sudden become much more intense, and you try to think of the best way to solve your problem. This is exactly when NetScanTools Pro comes clearly into focus for me. NetScanTools Pro is a solution finder. I've never come across a better software solution for network engineers and our team uses it every day." Kurt Dicus, Vice President of Information Technology at BD&A, Inc. - Oct 28, 2005 commenting on version 10.

"Just spent a few minutes with the program. The interface, program layout/structure, and screen graphics are Excellent! I've been in the electical engineering/computer science/systems engineering/telecom fields for a long time and worked with a lot of software. The really good stuff sticks out immediately. You are obviously a very accomplished and gifted professional to have created something so useful and such a pleasure to use (compared to countless hack jobs of "tools"). Bottom Line....thanks, Kirk for a really excellent tool and support for my business. It makes me more productive and its a pleasure to use." J. Richard McClelland, HighTide Security - July 2, 2004, referring to NST Pro 2004.

"I really enjoy this software and easy to use utilities, I also recommend this to all of my clients!" Ernie B. - July 25, 2002, referring to NST Pro 2002 Release 2.

"I'd like to thank You again for excellent customer support. Had it been without your help, my work, and work of others at our company using NST Pro would have greatly been hindered during this time of Nimda.worm. NST Pro proved to be a valuable tool in scanning our network, addressing the problems at hand and getting the headers of the servers to actually see what was behind that elusive port 80 on our 6500 some odd IP's. A good product is made a great one by customer care and service, which you have proven to work in this case." --Tomi A., Finland - September 24, 2001

"I just wanted to give you some feedback on NetscanTools 2000 Pro. I use it every single day, and it makes life much easier for me. What a really great product. I'm not just saying that in the hopes of getting a T-shirt or anything, but you are hearing from somebody who has used just about every shareware and commercial Winsock diagnostic tool alleging to be useful, out there, in the hopes of being able to do on Windows, what I used to have to use several different tools to do on Unix. Really well done. I mean it. Maybe you'll be kind enough to send this message on to the programmer(s), so they'll see an Email from a genuinely happy customer. NST 3.1 was great, and NST 2000 is incredible. The product continues to improve, and finally, I appreciate the service you do by sending out timely Email notification for service packs. Feel free to use any or all of this note as a commendation." Good Luck (from Chicago), Niall K. - Nov. 30, 1999 Network Engineer, Solus, L.L.C.

"I have to tell you that NetScanTools Pro 2000 has already saved me TONS of time and effort in everyday admin tasks. It has also helped us track down a couple of attempted hacks on PORT 139 to our servers. We run a security package on those systems and when an attempted hack occurs we launch an attack on the hacker from other machines, while I use NetScanTools Pro to hunt the dogs down." Gary S. - Sept. 27, 1999

"Nice job! I was concerned I might be a little disappointed, but I was wrong. You guys know what Administrators and Security Analysts need. You did an excellent job on this software. I commend you for producing a complete yet affordable tool! SWEET!" --Richard L. - July 13, 1999