NetScanTools Pro has a number of tools that support IPv6.

These tools or parts of tools listed below support using IPv6 addresses. More tools will be added to this list with each release.

Country to IPv4, IPv6 or ASN
See IPv6 addresses by country

DNS Tools - Core
Simple Query, NSLOOKUP, DiG, and Get Basic DNS Records.

DNS Tools - Advanced
IP or Hostname to ASN accepts IPv6 addresses.

Network Interfaces and Statistics
See network interface IPv6 details.

Network Neighbors
See the IPv6 Network Neighbors table.

Packet Capture
Capture and review IPv6 packet traffic.

Packet Flooder
Send lots of UDP packets to an IPv6 address as fast as possible.

Ping - Enhanced
Ping devices with ICMPv6 packets. Supports native IPv6 or tunneling.

SNMP - Core
Supports both IPv4 and IPv6.

SNMP - Advanced
Supports both IPv4 and IPv6. Dictionary Attack and SNMP Scanner are IPv4 only.

See the route ICMPv6 packets take to an IPv6 target.

Lookup assignment and ownership of IPv6 globally Unique Unicast addresses in whois servers.