NetScanTools 5.0 - 5.1 Support

The information below is provided for historical reference only.

  • How do I uninstall a trial version of NetScanTools 5.x?
    Uninstall and manual removal instructions are here.
  • What about NetScanTools 5.11?
    There has never been a version 5.11. Please do not use anything labeled as 5.11 - version 5.1 was the last official release.
  • Upgrading NetScanTools 5.0 to 5.1
    NetScanTools 5.x was distributed two ways: on CDROM or by a downloaded trial version that can be 'unlocked'. The following two sections detail the methods for upgrading depending which installation you have. The first section is ONLY to be used if you have installed NetScanTools from a CDROM marked 'NetScanTools'. The second section is ONLY to be used if you have downloaded NetScanTools and have entered an 'unlock' code name/key pair that was emailed to you from us.

    NOTICE: NetScanTools 5 is a major upgrade from NetScanTools 4.31 or earlier. Unlock codes for earlier versions will not work for version 5.x. There is no upgrade patch for v4.x to v5.x.
  • Upgrading a NetScanTools 5.0 CDROM installation to 5.1
    CDROM Service Pack version 5.10 is dated Sept 18, 2003. This service pack is cumulative and may be applied to any CDROM version 5.x. This service pack is brings your CDROM version to 5.10. To determine if you need this service pack, start NetScanTools 5.x and check the your release version on the top title bar or on the Program Info/About window. CDROM versions show your serial number in the top window under:
    "Registered to: ... Company Name:... Serial No. ...".

    Download CDROM Service Pack version 5.10, 402KB. To install, exit NetScanTools 5.x and run the service pack.

    Trial/download version NetScanTools 5.x Users PLEASE READ: this service pack will not work with your copy whether unlocked or not. See next section for your instructions.
  • Upgrading an UNLOCKED NetScanTools 5.x to 5.1
    If you have an unlocked NetScanTools 5.x and you want to upgrade it to the latest version, simply download the latest trial version, then install it OVER your current NetScanTools 5.x version. It should recognize your registration information and automatically register itself. If this does not occur, then press the register button on the opening registration reminder window and enter the registration codes you were given at the time of purchase. We always email the registration information--please PRINT and RETAIN your registration email message in a safe place. How do you know if you have an unlocked version? The About tab/lower window will say:
    "Registered to:"
    Then there are two lines, the first is the 'name' portion, the next line is a 'key' in the form xxxx-xxxx-xxxx, etc. as a combination of groups of four letters and numbers separated by dashes.

    Download trial version 5.1 here. If you are a registered user, please contact us by email for the software download.

    WARNING: DO NOT install the trial version over a CDROM version. Doing so will require you to reinstall your CDROM version before you can apply the CDROM version upgrade patch from the previous section above.
  • Does NetScanTools 5.x run on Windows 10?
    We have no idea and we do not plan on testing it. The software was discontinued in 2004 during Windows XP which was before Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x.
  • Can I register a purchased version of NetScanTools 5.x?
    Yes, please visit this page.