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Duplicate IP Scanner
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- Last Review: March 23, 2016

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Duplicate IP Scanner Tool Description - Find Devices using the same IPv4 Address on your Subnet.

The Duplicate IP Scanner tool can actively scan your IPv4 subnet and report the mac addresses of any devices sharing the same IPv4 address.

About the Duplicate IP Scanner Tool

The Duplicate IP Scanner Tool scans your subnet (or a range within your subnet) looking for duplicate IPv4 addresses in use by two or more devices. Any duplicates found are shown with their IPv4 address, MAC address, network interface manufacturer name and hostname.

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Important Notes:

  • ARP is used for scanning and since ARP packets are not routable, only the current subnet can be scanned.

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Purpose of this tool

  • The purpose of this tool is to rapidly determine if any two or more devices are sharing the same IPv4 address on a subnet. Devices using the same IPv4 address confuse other devices and make it difficult to route IP packet traffic to the correct device. Duplicate IP addresses are supposed to be found by the operating systems during the DHCP address assignment process, but there may be situations where a duplicate address is assigned like when a 'rogue' DHCP server is added to a subnet.

Tool Capabilities

Checks every IPv4 address in the range specified and looks for two or more devices using the same IP address.

Scans the IPv4 devices in the subnet using ARP and collects the responses. Any responses from different devices using the same IPv4 address are noted and displayed.

Displays Duplicate IP Addresses along with the MAC Addresses of the Duplicates.

Shows all duplicates along with the IPv4 address, MAC of each device, the manufacturer of each remote device's network interface and the hostname for each IP address (optional).

A video of the Duplicate IP Scanner Tool in action!

Watch the Duplicate IP Scanner look for duplicate IP addresses on the local subnet. Click below if the video does not appear automatically.

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